Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mike Jones! Who?! Mike Jones!

(Find the gay prostitute here)

This last scandal with Ted Haggard banging a gay prostitute on crystal meth when he wasn't preaching against gays and telling Bush the best strategy to "bun the chi-chi man" was typical closeted clergy behavior, but the best part about it was the fact that his gay prostitute's name was Mike Jones (No Cash Money on the URL.)

And this clip of him from the "Jesus Camp" documentary was pretty great as well.

The 3rd grade logic of "Whoever smelt it, dealt it" applies to the anti-gay crowd at this point.
Anyone who goes on and on about gay people probably thought that Lil Wayne/Baby picture was Kosher.

- Much like I am hater in sports and I mainly cheer for teams to lose, I cheer for people to lose in politics as well.

Now that,

  • Katherine Harris lost in Florida.
  • Rick Santorum lost in Pennsylvania
  • Blackwell lost in Ohio.
  • Lynn Swann lost in Pennsylvania.
  • Michael Steele lost in Maryland.
  • South Dakota's Abortion Referendum got shut down.
  • And a bunch of other Republicans lost,
I hope the Democrats can cockblock Bush until 2008 and that I can stop writing about politics for a while.

The dark lining of the day is that affirmative action got shut down in Michigan and it is probably going to be shut down nationwide.
That issue was the defining focal point of my four years at the University of Michigan and I should probably put together a more passionate write-up about it.

I won't, but I will say this: It's a wrap for black people.

We had about 40 years to get our shit together and now white people are starting to feel like they did enough to even the playing field and they want that college seat back for their child.

Most white people don't want to watch The Wire and if you watch the show you will know by that I mean they don't want to look at the dark ass reality of why black men barely make it to age 25, let alone college and why they need that extra boost.

So it goes.

Anyway, enjoy the comedic stylings of George Dubya Bush. He's much funnier than Kerry.
Besides, I don't see many jokes coming in the next two years.


  1. I love this post, you took the words right out of my mouth. As a MI native (though a grad of Univ. of Minnesota) I was deeply affected by the fight over affirmative action. While Black folks do need to get their shit together and stop blaming the White man for all their problems, White folks need to realize that they have essentially made the bed that minorities (and women to a degree) now lay in.

  2. Playing field is not yet equal. There are vast differences in the schools in the burbs and in the hood where Im from.

    The Cleveland Public Schools are among the worst of the country. Why should college ready black kids have to be penalized just because where they grew up.

    Someone needs to put a bullet in that Uncle Tom Ward Connerly whose sole mission in life is to eliminate affirmative action.

  3. (New reader, new the blog!)

    The only bright side coming out of this is that the military probably can't have programs to target minorities and women in the recruitment process. Not that minorities and women were too thrilled about enlisting these days. I can't wait to see how they're going to handle an even worse shortage of recruits.

  4. Now that they've banned Affirmative Action, wonder who they'll blame when they still don't get into U of M?

    -The rich kid with the low scores whose parents wrote the school a big check.

    -The kid who's great-great-great-great grandfather was an alumni?

    -The star athlete who'll play sports, generating publicity and money for the school.

    There's no huge outcry about these groups, even though all these groups are given special consideration for college admissions. Is it because they're most likely white? If Jennifer Gratz had found out her "place" had actualy been taken by any of the following, I doubt she would've sued.

    Actually, I feel sorry for U of M. They were trying to create a little diversity, and this is what they get.

  5. Well now that white people are starting to wash their hands of civil rights, shit is going to get interesting for black people.

    California shows that the ban doesn't work and that Ward Connerly needs to have a very unfortunate accident.

    - And Jennifer Gratz has put on the waitlist for UM. Because that bitch was too lazy to apply again she assumed a Negro took her spot.
    And not even a sports playing Negro. You know, the good kind.

    Hopefully Michigan can find a way to overturn this.

  6. White people are in full-fleged delusion mode. Among the delusions:

    Racism ended in 1968.

    They hate us because of our freedoms.

    We'll be greeted as liberators.

    We're winning this war.

    Oh, shit is getting interesting for real.