Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Daybreak on ABC: Not Bad

Since Lost is trashbags this year the 13-week break that show is taking to allow Taye Diggs to launch his show "Daybreak" is welcome change.

The show is about a detective who is framed for murdering an assistant D.A. and finds the day resets each morning until he figures everything out.

As a black man with a Muslim name who is constantly being watched while on the subways and trains of NYC and whose phone is tapped, or so I like to believe, this is a show I could relate to, despite the fact that the trailers looked bad.

It looked like a mix of the classic "Run Lola Run," "Groundhog Day" and "24" with a splash of chocolate on top.

Not to mention that Denzel has a movie coming about discovering the origin of deja vu called, wait for it... "Deja Vu."

It was Negro Deja Vu overload.

But I figured what the fuck, maybe it'll be good and perhaps I should support a drama with a black lead that wasn't some UPN/WB coonfest.

The last drama with a Negro lead I supported (Showtime's "Sleeper Cell" with Halle Berry's old boy toy, Michael Ealy) was pretty damn great.

It ended up being the best "Choose Your Own Adventure" book I never read.

Shows with their own set of rules and logic that make you wonder what you'd do in that situation tend to resonate with viewers.
You sit there thinking "How the fuck would I get out of this situation?"

That's why joints like "The Shield," "Prison Break," and its ilk have been so successful.
I only wonder if they can hold the idea for 13 episodes or if it should have been shorter.
We'll see.

But towards the end of the episode, another thought came to mind.
Anyone else think all these stories about black men reliving their past is just a larger conspiracy to get America ready for O.J. 's TV special about how he "would" have killed his wife?

Interracial dating took a big enough hit after the O.J. case, we don't need this dude stirring up old memories again.
Be easy, O.J.
Fall back and let me live.

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