Friday, November 03, 2006

Now St. Louis, Is Just Like Compton

(Chingy's career is inside.)

New York lost most of its gulliness a while ago.
Shit, we have white boys regularly jumping and killing black men in Brooklyn and white people running us out of Harlem.
I think they may have renamed it Upper Upper Manhattan.

So we are pretty far removed from the dialogue of "Worst American Cities."

You could probably even make a case that the decrease of the murder rate in NYC parallels its decline in the rap world.

We all know hip-hop for better but mostly for worse exports its culture like no other genre.
And if the murder rate is down then what are you exporting?

Well expect a lot more rappers coming out of St. Louis now that their murder rate topped the nation.


Here's the dirty dozen,

1. St. Louis, Missouri
2. Detroit, Michigan
3. Flint, Michigan
4. Compton, California
5. Camden, N.J.

6. Birmingham, AL
Cleveland, OH
8. Oakland, CA
9. Youngstown, OH
10. Gary, IN
11. Richmond, CA
12. Baltimore, MD (Big up The Wire, I don't think they counted Marlowe's bodies yet...)

It was pretty convenient that St. Louis won the murder crown as the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series.

Byron Crawford and Dallas Penn already covered this coincidence pretty well.

All I have to add is that DJ Quik must have been a psychic in 1992 when he made his slept on classic about how every American city he visited was becoming more and more like Compton and copying the gangsta bullshit they were seeing coming out of L.A. (Ahem, The Gayme, ahem...)

Be proud St. Louis, the way this country is going you won't have the title for long.

DJ Quik - "Jus Lyke Compton"


  1. Nice post, and I am feeling your site.

    Nice to see my neighbor over the bridge, Camden, drop from number one. They needed a break.-coouldn't get any real investors as along as they had that label-

    But I feel for St. Louis; and I must admit that I am surprised that a Midwestern city now has this distinction.

  2. Appreciate the good words.

    I added the top 12 most dangerous cities.

    I hope Camden turns around just because they are closer to me in BK than St. Louis is.

    Seriously though the Midwest is jacked up.
    They are all over that list.

    They have 6 of the top 12 spots.
    Don't sleep on them.

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