Friday, November 17, 2006

Fuck a OSU!

(OSU girls, really big fans of Kobe Bryant)

Ohio is by far the worst state in our fair Union.

I would like to tell them this in person at their football stadium on Saturday and risk a lynching but those tickets are more expensive than a PS3 right now.

So I'll give some proof in case you don't believe me for some reason. Recall that:

And I think they may have had something to do with the death of the beloved University of Michigan coach Bo Schembechler one day before the UM/OSU game.

For these reasons and others I grant you permission to slap anyone with red or gray on tomorrow as the Wolverines emerge victorious and ignore this entire post if for some reason we don't beat OSU tomorrow.

Go Blue!


  1. whether they lose or not, that girl on the left has a fine behine.

  2. it takes about 100 hours of boring to drive across that sumbitch, too

    god i hate ohio

  3. (Warming up my slapping hand...)

    GO BLUE!!!

  4. As a native Clevelander and real black man.

    To quote Ice Cube "F**k All Ya'll"

    Troy Smith - Cleveland
    Ted Ginn Jr - Cleveland
    Brian Robiskie - Living in Cleveland
    Anthony Gonzalez - Cleveland

    What possible reason did anyone have to believe that Michigan would come into Columbus and beat Ohio State?

    Troy Smith has owned Michigan (3-0) and Lloyd Carr has been Jim Tressel's prison bitch for the last 6 years (5-1 against Michigan).

    Cats have been on Michigan's jock since the Fab 5. Give it up. That was over 10 years ago and they didn't win anything back then either.

  5. "caucasian craziness" = brilliant.

  6. I'm from NYC, and I spent a month in Ohio once. Over the course of 30 days I wanted to kill myself about 45 times.

    I went to Ohio State one night, but couldn't stay cause the cops had tear gassed the campus.

    This was on 420, the day in the midwest where they celebrate weed smoking by apparently rioting.

  7. What a sad state.
    They needed the national guard on the field to prevent a riot.

    And the field was probably still slick with tear gas.

    People were slipping all over the place.

    Regardless of the slick field Lloyd Carr was to blame for the result.

    Oh well, good game.