Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fuck Politics, It's Celebrity Divorce Time!

Now that the Democrats took the House and the Senate I can focus on important things, like pinpointing the exact moment Britney Spears crushed Kevin Federline's heart.

I normally don't give two shits about this type of nonsense but I have to give props to someone who asks for a divorce with a text message.

Peep the realness,

You can see the exact second his world implodes towards the 1:40 mark of the clip.
Goddamn I am a hater.

And apparently so is B. Spears.
With her two kids and her pre-nup locked down she called Reynolds to wrap that shit up.

After Jessica Simpson almost lost half of her $36 million to Nick Lachey, Britney wasn't about to get got, so to speak.

She's my new hero.


  1. Now that you've established your bitterness (you call it "hating"), you should probably create a post explaining the roots of this "hate". Did the mother of (half) of your children break up with you via text?

  2. I am a hater from the school of Star and Bucwild.
    If you never listened to NY radio you may not know what I'm talking about.

    Federline is a no talent hack that deserves very little respect.

    Not saying that Britney has any talent but she got it on her own, more or less.
    It was kind of shameful how climbed up on her back.

    This is why I cheer his return to background dancing or weed carrying or whatever he did.

  3. Sure, K-Fed deserves very little respect. And, yes, he is shameful. But the reasons you cited are true of 95% of Hollywood. It is, after all, the Land of Nepotism. If you want to take note of a unique reason Federline is deserving of society's "hate", it is the fact that he abandoned his pregnant girlfriend of god knows how many years and doesn't even pay child support. Nobody deserves that. Not even Shar, a serial wigger dater.

  4. wow, i think this might be the most serious conversation kevin federline has ever inspired. i also have to say that, while i take divorce pretty seriously, that clip was pretty funny. he's just such a schmuck. no bitterness, he's just a schmuck, he's an awful 'musician', and an ever worse interviewee.

  5. A lot of "industry" folk have no talent but they usually earn their shit.

    Not only is dude a leech but he did what j.c. said which is double grimy.

    And the whole wigger thing needs to go away.