Monday, March 31, 2008

Better Than Rick Ross

While I try to figure out how Rick Ross sold 200K in his first week, watch this

It's more creative than 99% of what plays on your local rap station.

Please note the use of Firefox in a rap song and the bored office workers typing in the background at the end of the song.

Fuck Cam'ron, this dude really gets the computers 'putin.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The LA Times is Full of Bitch Ass Ness

I never even bothered to read that bullshit expose the LAT published about Puffy killing Tupac and causing 9/11 while dumping Natalie Holloway's body in Aruba.

It's not that Puffy is such a standup guy. Most rappers would buck their mom if they could sell 5 extra copies of their newest weedcarrier's mixtape.
Let's not forget Puffy let Shyne take the fall for him when he fled that NY shootout with J. Ho a good 9 years ago. Diddy is still going to have to pay up big time in that case.

But now he can handle that case with dough he's getting from the LA Times for slander and libel.

Apparently The Smoking Gun blew up their six months of research in one week by discovering the story was based on forged documents presented by a notorious conman.

After watching David Simon speak this week at Columbia's J School (which I will post about later), I'm looking more and more at newspapers like toilet paper than ever before.

More on Bitchassness

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kwame Kilpatrick and the Black Church: A Match Made in Hell

And I'm not even going to touch on how Obama let himself got caught up in self-aggrandizing radical nonsense of the church.
I'm talking about Kwame Kilpatrick, the thug mayor Detroit who was re-elected after a scandal-filled first term.

  • He was criticized for using city funds to lease a car for use by his family and using his city issued credit card to charge thousands of dollars worth of spa massages, extravagant dining, and expensive Mo√ęt et Chandon champagne. Kilpatrick would later pay back $9000 of the $210,000 credit card charges.[5]

    By April 2005, Kilpatrick's approval rating in Detroit was sharply declining due to the scandals and a perceived lack of improvement in the city. As a result, the April 17, 2005 issue of Time Magazine listed him as one of the three worst big-city mayors in the United States.

Much like Bush who was given a second chance at fucking shit up during his first stint in office, Kwame fucked up even worse the second time around. Peep the scandals,

  • Red Lincoln Navigator

    In 2005, WXYZ-TV reporter Steve Wilson reported that the city had entered an expensive one year lease for a luxury SUV. It was to be used to chauffeur the mayor's family. The lease was for $24,995; five dollars under the amount that would have required the approval of city council. Kilpatrick, chief of staff Christine Beatty, police chief Ella Bully-Cummings, and other members of the mayor's staff all denied that the red Lincoln Navigator was intended to be used by the mayor's wife and children. Eventually, Kilpatrick admitted the Navigator was for his family, claiming he had told the police chief that it was "too much" and to take it back.[57] Media coverage of this story was best known for a situation involving the mayor and his security team. Wilson had tracked Kilpatrick down in Washington, D.C., where he was attending a mayor's conference. When Wilson tried to question Kilpatrick about the Navigator lease, a member of the mayor's security team is seen on camera shoving Wilson against a wall.[58]

    Washington D.C. Police Denies Kilpatrick After-Hours Courtesy Protection

    Since 2002, the Washington D.C. police will only offer professional courtesy protection to Kilpatrick while he is conducting official business in the nation's capital. Washington police no longer provide after-hours police protection to Kilpatrick because of his inappropriate partying during past visits. Sergeant Tyrone Dodson of Washington explained by saying "we arrived at this decision because we felt that the late evening partying on the part of Mayor Kilpatrick would leave our officers stretched too thin and might result in an incident at one of the clubs." The Kilpatrick administration allege that the statements and actions of the Washington police are part a political conspiracy to ruin the mayor.[59]

    Civic fund

    On May 8, 2007, WXYZ reported that Kilpatrick used $8,600 from his secret Kilpatrick Civic Fund to take his wife, three sons and babysitter on a week long vacation to a five-star California resort, the La Costa Resort and Spa.[60] The fund, controlled by Kilpatrick's sister and friends, was created to improve the city of Detroit through voter education, economic empowerment and crime prevention. Tax and accounting experts said Kilpatrick's use of the fund was a violation of IRS regulations.[61] The story was also compounded after WXYZ's cameras caught Kilpatrick in a fit of rage grabbing the microphone out of the hand of reporter Ray Sayah and throwing it hard across the room such that it hit a wall, while Sayah tried to question him about the situation.

And then the shit hit the fan when he got caught perjuring himself in a text message scandal discovered by the Detroit Free Press.
Please give the Free Press a Pultizer for really getting a hold of the Dickensian aspect of the story.

After refusing to resign he played the race card and decried the "lynch mob" that was out to get him.

  • "...And finally, and this may be the most talked-about part of this speech after laying out all of that, but I feel that I cannot leave this auditorium with my wife and my sons sitting there without addressing this issue. In the past 30 days I've been called a nigger more than anytime in my entire life. In the past three days I've received more death threats than I have in my entire administration. I've heard these words before but I've never heard people say them about my wife and children. I have to say this because it's very personal to me. I don't believe that a Nielsen rating is worth the life of my children or your children. This unethical, illegal lynch mob mentality has to stop. And it's seriously time. We've never been here before. And I don't care if they cut the TV off. We've never been in a situation like this before. Where you can say anything, do anything, have no facts, no research, no nothing and you can launch a hate-driven bigoted assault on a family. I humbly ask members of council, I humbly ask the business community, I humbly ask the religious community, I humbly ask the brothers and sisters of the city of Detroit - I humbly ask that we say 'no more' together. I humbly ask that we say no more together. I love this city with every part of my being. I will continue to stay focused on building the next Detroit. God Bless you, Detroit. I love you."

Guess what Kwame. You are a nigger. In every negative sense of the word. You brought this on yourself and your family. And now he is the first sitting Mayor in Detroit to be charged with multiple felonies.

Eight charges for him and seven for the smut he perjured himself with. And it's not just the lying and the stealing.

The dude even has some shady stripper murders attached to his name.

I thought the Clay Davis storyline was secretly the best part of Season 5 of The Wire. It was so true to the story, the city and real life events. It happened in real life, it is happening now and will happen again. Clay Davis exploited the sense of black victimhood and persecution on black radio and the press and rode the wave straight to acquital.

I would pray that Kwame doesn't get the free pass Clay Davis got but over 60 Ministers in the city of Detroit have decided to pledge their unwavering support for Kwame Fitz.

This is how the community reacts after more than half a decade of this man shaming the city, cutting their budgets and using their tax dollars on whores, luxury cars and champagne as well as making it that much harder for any black politician to be respected?

By explicity condoning his shameful behavior?

  • About 60 Detroit ministers pledged their unwavering support for embattled Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick this afternoon.

    Pastors representing multiple denominations, gathered at Corinthian Baptist Church in Hamtramck to publicize their belief that Kilpatrick deserves forgiveness and compassion.

    “The mayor is not standing alone,” said the Rev. E.L. Branch, pastor of Third New Hope Baptist Church in Detroit. “We’re holding him up in prayer all the way through.”

    Moments before the ministers convened, Kilpatrick was arraigned in 36th District Court on eight felony counts, including perjury. The Free Press published text messages shared between Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff Christine Beatty that revealed the two lied under oath about a extramarital affair and the firing of former Deputy Police Chief Gary Brown.

    “We’re called to stand with him at a time of trial in his life,” said the Rev. Skip Wachsman, pastor of Genesis Lutheran Church in Detroit. “He’s not guilty of anything; he has been charged.”

    Two weeks ago, the pastors' council voted 34-24 not to issue a letter calling for Kilpatrick to resign over the scandal. The council, which represents 400 clergy members, endorsed Kilpatrick's policies in his 2005 re-election bid.

Truly tragic. What to expect from an institution that foments homophobia, poor-me victimization, materialism and radical political thought that removes blacks so far from the mainstream that they can never get anything done in this society.

I was recently forced to attend a black church service where the preacher tucked his massive diamond chain piece in his shirt pocket while preaching that the congregation needed to make an extra donation for the broken boiler.

How about you pop two diamonds off your chain and buy the whole building central heating?

He also extolled the merits of 'looking good' and ordered his church to stop with the "natural hair" and go get a perm.

I wish I was making this shit up.

The Wire said it perfectly when the newspaper editor said "I feel a little more white after watching that" when Clay Davis left the court after beating all his charges.

Watching Kwame exploit black ignorance yet again has got me feeling whiter than ever.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm Done with Politics

Seriously, this election is giving me a heart attack and a little bit of cancer.

But this video done broke my political back. I will do my best to avoid the election from here on out.

Holy illegal abortions Batman, what was that?

Almost as tragic as 4,000 dead US troops and an uncounted number of dead Iraqi civilians.

Five years of war.
4000 troops dead.
Trillions of dollars flushed down the toilet.

And no one seems to give a fuck.
It's time to get the draft poppin'.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A New National Hero?

From Nah

  • A 12 year-old boy was taken into custody Wednesday night for throwing a rock through the windshield of Soulja Boy’s bus. Why? The kid told arresting officers, "I hate Soulja Boy."

    Bloomington police used a supervisor and five officers on overtime to provide security for the hip hop concert.

The only thing better than this would be watching Lil Wayne catch a projectile on stage.

Oh wait... That already happened

British soccer trash, gotta love it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Monday, March 10, 2008

The Greatest TV Show of All Time Died on March 9th

Regardless of the warts and missteps of this fifth and final season of The Wire, I will miss it dearly. We will never see a show that digs into the roots of the institutions that fail us daily and make this country the flawed empire that it is.

Thank god Cheese got got!

May David Simon's brilliance live on and may all these wonderful black actors get a chance to act another day.

Now onto the Shield and Generation Kill.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bill Clinton Hearts Obama

Bill Clinton has some voting suggestions for you

With that in mind watch Hillary's new shameful ad that glazes over her approving the Iraq war.

And the Obama response

Ohio and Texas, please end this woman's presidential aspirations.