Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Shield Gone Wrong

(You are not Vic Mackey)

It appears that I am not the only one that waiting for the 6th season of Shawn Ryan's incredible ode to crooked cops and police brutality called The Shield to return in 2007.

It appears that police officers all around America are so eager to see Vic Mackey's brand of rough justice that they decided to take it to the streets themselves.

By now everyone knows that Sean Bell (not to be confused with the also deceased Stringer Bell) caught 50 hot ones on his wedding day because black men aren't supposed to get married.

Watch this visualization of the crime scene if you want to understand what went down.

And the stories of the UCLA tasering and the videotaped L.A. beatdown are old news in Internet time.

The shit y'all might not be up on is the 88 year-old grandmother Kathryn Johnson,

Who shot three cops in the face, chest, arm and leg after they stormed her house with a no-knock warrant because they thought she was slinging crack rocks.

She wasn't.
They lived.
She died.

And the cops offered to pay their C.I. money to back up their story. He ratted them out and now they're about to take the fall. Stupid cops, don't ask your snitch of cover your back.

Vic Mackey, come back soon so all these fantasy Strike Team members can live vicariously through your deeds and stop killing 88 year-old grandmothers and tasering UCLA nerds.

I'm trying to make it to 2007.


  1. What makes this story so fucked up is that Atlanta (at least when I was there 93-97) had a largely black police force with a black chief of police.

    That town was as corrupt as it comes.

    And white people still understand why black people dont trust the cops.

  2. Black cops are worse than the white ones.