Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bullshit Round-Up

(In the words of DP, HO SIT DOWN!!!)

Congressional Jig Charles Rangel is still trying to push his "idea" of reinstating the draft.

I said it when I first heard about this bill years ago and I'll say it again.

That Negro lost his mind.

His idea in principle, is that a draft would prevent wars because the rich people who wage them wouldn't want their children drafted.

A cute idea for an idealist liberal hippie, but reality would tell anyone with an I.Q. in the double digits that rich people who don't want to go to war will not go to war.
The rich will always win.

Shit, I'm not even rich and there ain't shit that would get me in a military uniform under a Republican president.

C'mon Rangel, focus on some shit that New Yorkers care about.

- Like getting kicked out of your gym for making noise while weightlifting.

Apparently a bodybuilder/state correction officer in upstate NY was told to leave his gym for grunting while lifting weights, and was then banned from the gym for questioning the policy.

From the article,

  • Albert Argibay, a bodybuilder and a state correction officer, was at a Planet Fitness gym with 500 pounds of weight on his shoulders one afternoon this month when the club manager walked over and told him it was time to leave. Mr. Argibay, the manager explained, had violated one of the club’s most sacred and strictly enforced rules: He was grunting.

    “I said to her, ‘I’m not grunting, I’m breathing heavy,’ ” recalled Mr. Argibay, 40, an energetic man with the hulking appearance of a pro linebacker. “I guess she didn’t like the fact that I challenged her, because she said to me, ‘Meet me up front; I’m canceling your membership.’ ”

    He continued lifting, but soon was surrounded by town police officers, who told him to drop the weight slowly and pack his bag, then escorted him from the gym.

And they sound an alarm to notify security when someone is breaking a rule.
I guess people working in prison should do pilates?

Granted some people overdo it with the weightlifting noises, but if you're putting 500 pounds over your head you are entitled to grunt.

  • Dennis G. O’Connell, a professor of physical therapy at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Tex., has conducted studies on the effects of grunting. He found that weight lifters produce between 2 and 5 percent more force when they grunt, in part because the deep breathing grunting entails can help stabilize the spine.

With stories like this is it any wonder that male testosterone levels have been decreasing for the last 20 years?

We need to post some Man Laws in plain sight before sperm producing men go the way of black people in college.


  1. People are missing the point of what Rangel is trying to do.

    He is trying to start the debate on the draft in order for people to think twice before going to war.

    Do you think Bush would have been gung ho for Iraq if the Bush twins would have been drafted?

    Rangel believes that largely the poor and black/brown are dying in this war.

    He brought up a draft bill before to the House of Representatives and it went down 402-2.

    He voted against it himself.

  2. I think he misses how he looks as he tries to do this.

    Joe Sixpack thinks
    "I just voted for a Democrat and they want me to send my child to war.
    I don't like this plan."

    I get his debate idea, that's why I mentioned it, but he should be passing a bill for Americorps or something less dangerous that encourages people to give back.

    Everyone knows the Bush twins would not get drafted.

  3. If Rangel didn't want the U.S. to go to war then he should have voted down the Iraq invasion.

    The draft proposition is questionable because like H.R. says the rich that don't want their kids to be cannon fodder will have other options.

    Too bad for that weightlifter because I like to grunt for almost everything. Words are too embedded with pronunciation nuances and [gasp] syllables. Grunting and pointing at stuff is just hell'a efficient.