Friday, November 10, 2006

Lily Allen Broke Me Down

Last year it was M.I.A. that had half the hipsters in love and the other half calling Homeland Security.
This year it's Lily Allen.

Lily Allen, the U.K. indie popstress and MySpace heroine who sampled her way to success this year will see the U.S. release of her album in January 2007.

It was funny that I found the above link blowing up all her samples because one of my boys recently mentioned to me how great the production was.

Then I found out most of her album sales will be going to Trojan Records sample department.

I'm not hating on sampling, because it does take skill but I'm always disappointed when I find out how unoriginal new music is.

Regardless, her album, "Alright, Still" is one of the happiest and most bitter albums I've heard. I tried to hate on it for a minute but I've given up. You can't fight the production and the cynicism.

Peep the lyric from the song "LDN,"
  • "There was a little old lady, who was walkin down the road
    She was struggling with bags from Tesco
    There were people from the city having lunch in the park
    I believe that it's called al fresco
    Then a kid came along to offer a hand

    But before she had time to accept it
    hits her over the head, doesn't care if she's dead
    Cause he's got all her jewelery and wallet"

Here's the song,

Lily Allen - "LDN"

DL link.

Peep the original.

Tommy McCook - "Reggae Merengue"

DL link.

And she dropped two mixtapes to keep you busy in case you stole her album off the Internets before it came out.

Yes, even white girls are putting out mixtapes nowadays.

Download Mixtape #1

Download Mixtape #2

If you can't play the MP3s or download the links you need Firefox.


  1. That is one bad chick, those mixtapes are ridiculous. I'm surprised I haven't heard about her before.

  2. Learn something about how music is put together and maybe it wont appear to be like "magic" to you.

    If in the year 2006 and you have grown up with hip hop and you still cant tell a loop or chop when you hear it that's on you.

    None of what she sampled can you find in the average $1.00 record din. It took some real diggin if they got it from the originals and not from compilations.

  3. good god, anonymous. please.

    i agree that the track posted incorporates some very blatant looping which i heard right away (a sound which i gather is intentional), but that is only because i've produced music before.

    plenty of people do not hear where a loop begins and ends immediately, especially if they have never produced music. moreover, just because a fucking measure of music is looped doesn't mean it is sampled. the fact that hr was unaware of the extent of lily's sampling speaks very little of his musical ear if her tracks r well produced.

    u shouldn't speak down on people who listen to music for enjoyment. not every music afficionado or even musician with the talent to do so has the desire to produce or to learn about production or hire a p.i. to discover how a track was produced.

    nevertheless, chances r if you gave hr a bootlegged copy of fruity loops 1.0 to play with for a month, he'd be able to spot sampling better than u and wouldn't be 1/2 as cynical.

    real talk.

  4. It's obvious there are different levels to sampling and that her album was drowned in samples.

    And I don't need to be Timbaland to catch the loop on LDN.
    It was clear as all hell.

    But as much as I crate dig, I'm not going to pretend to know every sample immediately.

    Her producers found some obscure classic shit and put together a good album.

    Has little to do with my musical ear.

  5. lily allen shouldn't break you down! she's no m.i.a. she's a fucking chav. she's no. 1 in the uk cos all the little pikey teen girls buy two of her albums apiece: one for themselves and one for their bastard kids.

  6. The thing is Becca, She is worse thatn a chav she is a faux chav, daughter of a famous and wealthy actor father.
    think a lower rent Paris Hilton.
    (that still a lot of scratch)

  7. Chav, fake chav, chav groupie, whatever, the girls' album is good.

    Paris Hilton's father can afford much better producers and her album has still a horrible flop.

    The money ain't everything... in this instance.