Saturday, November 04, 2006

Please, No Pictures!

I have no idea why, but someone interviewed me about my blog.
It seems to have worked out O.K.

Thanks to Bhumika at Associated Content.

Let me know what y'all think and what the hell this blog should be about...

- Al-Jazeera wants to launch a station in the U.S. but they can't get any U.S. cable companies to air their channel so they are going to distribute it over the web.

I wonder why.
Who owns the American media?

Like every media outlet out there, Al-Jazeera has their own slant; but it's a slant most of the world has never seen and that we probably need to see more than ever.

I would assume most Americans look at them as the terrorist CNN, which makes it even more ironic that they will be will be broadcasting primarily over the Internet.
Do any major Western news channels do that?

I hope I can say I am interested to see what the hell they are about without getting put on a terrorist watchlist.

If anyone in power cared about what Arabs thought or what was popping in the Middle Eastern streets maybe we wouldn't be in Iraq.

But what do I know.

- Well I know that people should leave their bullshit immigrant traditions at home.
Some fucker from Egypt was convicted of performing a female circumcision on his two year old daughter, in America.

Hopefully someone will give him a female circumcision in prison.

- And this can't be a good idea.

A bunch of blonde-haired, blue-eyed, recessive gene carrying fools who were chosen to start the Nazi party's master race as children are meeting in public.

They claim to be addressing the myths and trauma associated with being part of the chosen Aryan race but I'm not buying it.

I'm too paranoid to get down with that shit.
After all those incidents I read about in Germany leading up to the World Cup they need to break that shit up A.S.A.P.


  1. Good interview hr. Nice to see you getting your shine. Def don't get enough props for the work you put in.

  2. WOW! Im one step closer to that beach house. :P Good Job!

  3. Congrats Start,
    the MSM takeover is well underway

  4. Ethiopia, he was from Ethiopia. Not Egypt. Nearby, but not the same

  5. I got African "E" countries twisted.

    My bad.