Friday, September 30, 2005

Start Snitching 101

I have no idea how I ended up here, but maybe a quick introduction can help explain a bit.

I went to and I was ready to buy a domain name, start the next eBay and everything. Because websites are so much cooler than blogs. Then I realized I don't know HTML, Flash, FTP nor did I want to rent a yearly domain name, deal with Verizon DSL upload speeds and fight hackers.

So I did what everyone else seems to be doing nowadays.

I deflected to Google.

After nimbly dodging much of the grunt work, (I will learn how to make a web page one day...) here I am. As you can hopefully tell my site's name is derived from the uber ignorant t-shirts worn by the current and aspiring hooligans in any major urban city in America (Coming soon to a suburban white kid near you.)

Blacks, you see, would like people to stop stereotypically looking at them as potential shoplifters and prison tenants. Some even complain about racial profiling!

In order to rectify this sentiment, a certain segment of the population has decided that they should wear oversized, garish t-shirts that originate from a desire to scare police witnesses from testifying against violent criminals. These t-shirts most popularly display a large red stop sign.

Exhibit A

Stop Snitching Shirt

These shirts are usually worn by the various allies of crime or the average hood lemming. The people they are protecting are usually violent criminals that have probably killed some other black person in their own neighborhood. Where are the old cries for ending the black on black crime? Where is the black on Native-American paraplegic lesbian crime? They have gotten off way too easily as a group.

I understand that no one likes a tattle-tale but this hood loyalty, don't speak to the cops mentality is an entirely different type of ignorance. It's hard enough to testify as a witness in a violent felony case as it is but having half the savages on your block wearing 'Stop Snitching' shirts surely doesn't help. Nor does seeing idiot basketball player Carmello Anthony appearing in a Stop Snitching DVD only to later claim that he did not know what he was doing.

Sounds like the playoffs last year.


I am not encouraging you to tattle on your little sister for dessert before dinner or your co-worker for stealing staples out of the copy room (I saw you Janice) or your neighbor for hiding hookers bodies in his basement.

Scratch that last one, you should probably snitch on that guy.

The general idea here is to call out ignorance in all it forms, especially in today's world when ignorance is becoming the norm.

I just want the world to be a less stupid place.

Then we can work on the smart part.