Monday, November 06, 2006

Cooning 'Round the World (Europe Edition)

Rap is so popular now that it's only natural that the sambo-like behavior that is so familiar to us in the U.S. rears its head around the world.

First Snoop was banned from British Airways in April and now Kanye decided to show his ass, so to speak, at the MTV EMA show.

YouTube took it down and iFilm still has it up. Sometimes the Internet makes no damn sense.

Here's the video that he lost to,

Not exactly spectacular, but neither was Kanye trying to catch Hepatitis C from Pamela Anderson.
I like white girls as much as the next black man, but kissing Pamela Anderson is not popping in anyone's book.
Did he not see the video?
I'd be a little reluctant to tongue down on that, especially on video.

Here's the video that should always win the European Video Awards as far as I'm concerned,

What gets lost in all of this is the man Kanye stole from , was so inspired by during the making of his last album; Mr. Curtis Mayfield.

I gotta snitch on the Kanye's "Touch the Sky" sample for those who may not know.

That's how you do it in Europe.


  1. I have no real problems with this particular post other than the assertion that Kanye West stole something from Curtis Mayfield.

    He didnt. He sampled it. He pulled a loop. Big deal. He paid the sample clearance like everyone since Gilbert O'Sullivan sued Biz Markie.

    I guess it's funny to me as a beat digger when people act like theyve done something uncovering such a common original sample. That Curtis Mayfield song is far from rare.

    This just in......rappers have sampled James Brown....gasp!

  2. I have no problem with sampling.
    Everyone will always do it and I think it's (usually) a good thing.
    And James Brown damn near created hip-hop.

    But Kanye West acts like he invented rap music.
    He thinks a white girl and a stunt jump in his video are signs of creativity.

    I don't think the average person is aware of how much he steals/samples.

    He bought Jesus Walks and was given the sample,

    And has done some other shady shit.

    He is a biter.

  3. Kanye's ego has gotten the best of him. I don't wanna hear excuses about how he was tipsy or what not; he's pulled these little hissy fits since day one. This one's worse though. The fact that he thought it was cool to invade somebody else's shine just cuz he didn't get it...yep, son made an ass of himself. Like the title of your post said: Coonin' round the world. But respect due for the throwing up the history lesson in the form of Curtis Mayfield. I agree with go14 that sampling is not headline news these days; of course there's a wrong way to do it (Puffy) and a right way to do it (Pete Rock). The problem is that nobody respects the architects anymore. Everybody needs to give a nod to Curtis Mayfield instead of thinking Kanye just made that joint up in his head. And that goes for anybody who samples.

  4. I can't believe people (read: THE MEDIA) take Kanye West seriously.

    I still haven't seen the footage of his hissy fit, but based on the AP article summarizing it, this man surely performs his tapdancing coonery as a method of pure, attention-getting schtick.

    >>In a tirade riddled with
    >>expletives, West said he should
    >>have won the prize for his video
    >>"Touch The Sky," because it "cost
    >>a million dollars, Pamela
    >>Anderson was in it. I was jumping
    >>across canyons."

    Reading that description in black-and-white is enough to convince me that he does this because he knows the media will pick it up, broadcast it across the globe, and have the whole wide world saying "Look at Kanye, with his big assed head. I love to hate that man. When is he gonna drop a new single?"

  5. The footage is at the top of the post.
    It's even more disrespectful than what you read.

    I'm sure he knows the press will cover it, but he mainly does it because he thinks he is right.

    I would have bought 3 copies of the winner's album if they duffed Kanye in the jaw nd pushed him off the stage.
    But that's just me.

  6. Youtube took that clip down.

  7. but...just blaze made the beat for touch the sky

  8. It doesn't look like Kanye's too serious. It looks like he's just making a joke which to him must've seemed like a good one, but the rest of the world just doesn't get - but joking nevertheless.

    Everybody knows Kanye has a swollen head, but that doesn't seem to be the inspiration for this particular stunt.

  9. He'll do some other stupid shit by the end of the year.

    He won't let us down.