Monday, November 20, 2006

Cosmo Kramer Does Not Care About Black People

In my continuing expose on the subtle and not so subtle racism out there, I have to put y'all onto this classic bit on celebrity meltdown.

Michael Richards, of Cosmo Kramer fame blew up the fuck up when some black folk heckled him during his stand-up routine at the Laugh Factory in L.A.

Peep the video here,


Heckling is part of the stand-up comedians' workplace hazards.
If you're really funny then you should be able to handle your hecklers.

The best ownership I have ever heard of a heckler came from Martin Lawrence.

It was off of his 1993 album "Talkin' Shit:Martin Lawrence Live" when someone tried to fuck up his routine and Martin got in that ass. Listen for the end where the heckling happens.

Martin Lawrence - "Braggin' On Their Dicks"

That's how you do it.

But rest assured the rest of the Seinfeld cast loves black people, so you can still watch the Seinfeld repeats.

Jerry Seinfeld already distanced himself from Richards, Jason Alexander is on Everybody Hates Chris so he's cool and Elaine is getting twisted out by Blair Underwood on her show, so I'm just waiting to see what Larry David's reaction is going to be.

Based on his interactions with the colored folk it should be special.


  1. Damn...and I used to like Kramer. Oh, well too bad they didn't just kick his ass.

  2. Fool done lost his damn mind!

  3. Please comment on the hilarious apology on Letterman.

  4. All I can say "Never apologize on satellite."

    He looked stupid.
    What the fuck does Katrina have to do with race relations in America?
    He was racist before the hurricane hit.

    Kramer, Mel Gibson.
    Who's next?