Friday, October 27, 2006

Yes Homo!

(Black) People who believe the gangster shit that rappers spit but are against gay marriage need to give it up after this picture surfaced on Byron Crawford's site.

No man kisses his father on the lips and calling a guy who isn't your father your father does make it Kosher.

The studio thuggery and hypocrisy have reached unsustainable levels that can only be rectified by hip-hop's inevitable implosion.

Rap has warped the average Black man's sense of reality. There are Negroes who aren't voting because they think they'll be arrested at the polling station for unpaid parking tickets.
I don't even know what to say to that.

If you want to see the rare dinosaurs of hip-hop, rappers you can believe, peep these two interviews with;



Fat Joe.

Both long but good.
It doesn't get realer than evaluating your failed album and meeting with members of the British Parliament to discuss hip-hop.

- And this right here is a case of keeping it too real.
I knew this was bound to happen.
The Wire has always been dark and depressing, but this year that darkness centers around children and it has lead the liberal white people who tend to love The Wire to ask, "Do Black people really have it that bad?"

ABC News Nightline asks that question and has a 10 Minute video feature as well to see if the Black community is really as screwed as The Wire says.

Peep what David Simon, the co-creator of the show as well as my personal hero had to say,

  • "The show is about being honest with what opportunity is in America, and the truth about this country right now is, we don't need 10 or 15 percent of our population," he says. "The jobs that used to define a city like Baltimore no longer exist."

The realest white dude in the world.

- And this is way beyond my level of real.
Gangs are cutting off police officers heads in Mexico?
Yea, maybe that Border Fence Law Bush just signed isn't such a bad idea...


  1. As someone who lives in Baltimore and has worked with young people for the past few's that bad and worse. Of course they didn't know the cops kicked our ass either.

    Dudes don't kiss like that.

  2. really what the fuck is up with that pic? I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say thatthey were just embracing and not actually kissing, then again to quote ricky ricardo: somebody's got some splaining to do. Specially considering Lil Wayne's lyrics often tend to be about how much hell never love a woman.

  3. - Every time I visit or school or talk to a teacher I just think of the Wire and I just shake my head.

    - The Cash Money misogyny combined with the fact that Wayne said he kisses Baby and has kissed Baby on TV before makes this all quite suspect.