Friday, September 29, 2006

Some Ol' Assimilation Bullshit

I just found out they did some race mixing on Survivor, so I guess that brings an end to me writing about it as well as watching it.

They probably didn't get enough of a ratings boost to cancel out the controversy.
I guess people don't want to see how the world really is.

I'm going to watch the episode just to see how they ended the whole thing.
But that seems to be it for now.

My bad on the dead blog.

I should be back next week.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Snitch of the Week: 9/17 - 9/23 (Chavez)

(It's all about the hat.)

I'm not an all-out hippie liberal like certain Negroes,

Who go around giving prolonged soul-brother handshakes to Latin American dictators in public (Seriously, don't be surprised if Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte disappear.)

But I do have to give props to Hugo Chavez for dropping some uncomfortable truths last week during the UN/Ringling Brothers convention.

I don't know what Bush smells like but I'm pretty damn sure he doesn't care about black people.

And nothing points that out better than someone from a "third-world" country selling cheap heating fuel to the poor people of a first-world country.

That's more embarrassing than any third-grade jokes about body odor and being the devil.

Hugo Chavez, for providing cheap ass heat to poor Negroes and Hispanics in cold NYC winter and calling out the U.S. Government in the process you are the Snitch of the Week.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Teacher Teacher! The ATM Gave Me Too Much Money!

Everyone remembers the herb kid from J.H.S. who reminded the teacher about the homework right before the bell rang.
Well this is the adult version.

Peep this,

I mean seriously, if you got 4 times the money you should have from an ATM would you really say anything?
The "Good Samaritan" who ended the magic ATM giveaway has to be a bank employee, right?

But even bank employees probably want to take money from the bank since they see how much banks jerk people all day long.
I can't figure out who could have done this.

The ATM hack to do this is still online but the banks will close this shit so fast that it's not even worth linking to.
I'm sure some other "Good Samaritan" is taking it down as we speak.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Apartheid Survivor: Episode 2 Hispanic Edition

Another Thursday, another episode of Apartheid Survivor.

Since the Negroes got the focus last week, this week is about the Hispanics.
Hispanics have one of the more odd racial stereotypes of all races because people knock them for being lazy and hardworking at the same time. It made no sense until this week.

Those two stereotypes went at it this week when the fat lazy metalhead, Billy pissed off his tribe, which is primarily lead by the athletic hard-working pretty boy.

Throughout the episode, Billy was chilling on what looked like a hammock, which I have no idea of how he got on a deserted island, while everyone was fishing, picking coconuts and other types of shit that help keep you stay alive on an island.

Besides saying he'd feel more comfortable with a tribe of metalheads, this fucker actually said, "I'd rather preserve my energy while they do all the work and eat what they bring."

The pretty boy leader suggested that they throw their challenge so that they could vote the fat guy off.
It's a pretty great idea that the women seemed to think was too mean or some nonsense.

Why would you feel sorry for a dude who admitted he doesn't want to work because he can just take the food out of your hands. This guy single-handedly set the Hispanic Immigrant Rights Movement back about 20 years.

So with the Hispanics deciding to throw the challenge it was really a three way competition.
And the Black team still lost.

The Asians and the Whites won the challenge at the same time so they both got a tarp to cover the rain or their sexual exploits, while the black team came in a distant third and got a hot load of nothing.

Two weeks and the Asians won both competitions. These fools are killing it right now. I need to examine my lineage for some Filipino DNA or something, because the black people in this game are making shit rough your average Negro.

They would have lost another member if the Hispanics weren't trying to set up Captain Gordo.

The funny thing about their effort to kick Gordo off the show was the fact that once Gordo realized he was being set up he worked harder to stay in the competition than he did the six days he was on the island.

Gordo was putting in OT trying to turn the women against the pretty boy and make the pretty boy out to be the bad guy for trying to get him kicked out.

And the greatest part of it all was when Gordo admitted that the only reason he worked so hard to stay on the show after doing nothing for the whole week was for the love of a white woman!

That shit came out of absolutely nowhere.
I love it.

Earlier one of the white girls told him that they felt sorry for him. He said "I'm next." She said, "Awww... WE love you."
He psychotically took that for love at first sight and said "I love you."

He said that was what made him try to stay in the game and not the million dollars.

He even scared off the women who started feeling sorry for him. They ended up voting him out.

All we need is for another white woman to get attacked by a minority on a foreign island...

Natalee Holloway was bad enough.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Condi Rice Has A Boyfriend?

(Make your own caption...)

Supposedly she's making a neo-connection with Peter MacKay, a conservative from Canada who got dumped when his girlfriend switched over to the liberal team.

I don't even want to know how much more relaxed she will get if she starts getting laid regularly.
The woman already was caught chilling at a Broadway show while black people were using corpses as life jackets during Katrina.
And she was single then.

- Well while Condi's doing that maybe another black woman can pick up the slack.

Some people seem to think that Beyonce can end the War On Terror.
There are worst ideas.

- Like getting a penis transplant.
This guy should have known that his wife wasn't going to be a big fan of his new penis.
It freaked her out and he had to have the first successful penis implant ever removed, meaning he has now lost two penises in one life. Tragic.
I'm waiting for the Nip/Tuck episode.

- The MTA wants to cut $20 million out of the budget of their already high-quality services.

You know, the high quality trains that break down an hour away from your house just after you've fallen asleep and the buses that comes so often that Jamaican women will shank you if you step on before them.

And they want to raise the fare in 2008?

If we all jump the turnstile at the same time they can't catch us all.
Just saying...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Don't Go Out Like This...

I was reading a few stories and they all seemed to fall under the banner of

"Don't Get Let This Shit Happen to You"

1) Kicking off this list was some poor fool who thought proposing in public would be romantic,


2) Then there is the Sudanese farmer that caught his neighbor getting friendly with his goat.

I can understand that you might be a little more relaxed if you lived in the area of Sudan away from the genocide but don't get so relaxed that you get banging a goat in the middle of the night.
I wish I was making this up.

When the farmer told the village elders they said,

  • "I should not take him to the police, but rather let him pay a dowry for my goat because he used it as his wife," Mr Alifi told the newspaper.
The animal rapist ended up paying $50 to marry a goat.

3) Then there was the governor of some random province in Afghanistan that got killed in a suicide bombing. That doesn't seem too uncommon, it is Afghanistan after all.

The crazy part was that the next day at his funeral, terrorists came back and bombed that too.

That is gully beyond words.

These people messed up so we could learn from them.
Take notes.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Snitch of the Week: 9/10 - 9/16 (Politician Soldier)

(Pretty hood...)

I'm going to keep this short and simple. Most people don't live what they talk. The people who best rep that mantra are the people who voted for the war but probably don't have the upper-body strength to lift up an AK-47.

Jonathan Paton, a Republican who is running for his second two year term in the Arizona House, is not only is for the war in Iraq but is about to deploy in Iraq to show everyone how for it he is.
While running for re-election.

The kicker is that he could have gotten out of it, but instead he asked to go.

You don't get much realer than that.

Jonathan Paton, for showing how fake whoever is still for the war is, you are the Snitch of the Week.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Newer iPods... from Microsoft

Yesterday Microsoft answered Apple's announcement of the new iPods by dropping the Microsoft Zune (still an awful name) media player.

Peep it here,

Not bad.
It has a 3" screen compared to the iPod's 2.5" one.
It has a built-in FM tuner, which the iPod still doesn't have after 97 upgrades.
It also has wireless Internet that lets you share songs with other people.
That'll be good if these things ever become popular.

But they didn't announce the price or the battery life. Probably because they didn't expect the new 30 gig iPod to be only $250 and have the battery life it did.

If this is any good, Christmas is going to be on point this year.

The future is here son!
Between women rocking bionic arms and Microsoft opening up schools in Philadelphia it's clear that everything will different by the end of the decade.

If you have money that is...

The Pope Done Did It

(Do you have a 6ft cane?!)

I'm already starting to miss John Paul.

Pope Benedict XVI (Benedict IX was my personal favorite) just went and publicly dissed Islam, creating a super shit-storm in the process.
Speaking in Germany, the Pope quoted a 14th Century Christian Emperor who said the Prophet Muhammad had brought the world only "evil and inhuman" things.

My bad son!

The Vatican apologized for him, but Muslims want him to personally cough up the sorry.
This is not about how much Muslims have contributed to human progress in the past and how much they have stagnated in the last century or so.

This is about playing it cool when so many Muslims already feel like they have the West's foot up their ass.
They don't need an excuse to do this.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Apartheid Survivor is Great

(I'm a race Survivor, yeaaaa!)

Thursday sure snuck up fast.
Survivor: Cook Island had its season premiere tonight on CBS and in case you didn't know the tribes are broken up by race.
White, Black, Latino, Asian are the races with 5 people in each racial group.

Everyone fulfilled their stereotypes so beautifully. It was touching.

When it started everyone was allowed to grab whatever they could off of the ship.
An Asian dude dove into the ocean to catch a chicken and after he brought it back on the boat and put it away, the white dude just came and stole that shit.
Not to be outdone, the dirty white girl with dreads in his group opened the chicken coop and let them out. They had no food that night.
There is some sort of deep symbolism there that I will get later.

After salvaging what they could from the boat, everyone rowed off to their separate tribes for the first night.
They all yapped about avoiding stereotypes and proving something to the world. Actually the only group that didn't worrying about proving anything to the world was the White group.

The Hispanics had an athletic dude who got them a bunch of coconuts quite easily, the Asians had an older Vietnamese hippie in their group that the rest of them don't like because they are all bananas (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) and the Whites almost had group sex the first night. None of the Blacks seemed willing to work together.

In their first competition, they had to assemble a boat, row to a flame, light a torch, row back to shore, complete and puzzle and then climb a ladder.

The first 3 races to win got a lighter and some other shit.
The black people didn't even put the boat together until the other races were on their way back.
It was a damn shame.
Of course the Hispanics and Asians won the competition. It centered around a boat for Christ's Sake.
If they had gotten some black people from the West Indies, maybe from a really shitty island like Haiti, the blacks would have killed in the boat race. But alas, all they had was a bunch of city slickers.
There are three Black women and two Black men and the two light skinned girls have already excluded the dark girl from their click. High school never ends.
When the Blacks had to vote someone off, the two Black men teamed up to vote off a woman, and the three Black Women teamed up to vote off one of the men. The men tried to get in the dark girl's mind by telling her that the other girls don't like her and they will set her up later. He's right.

Light skinned girls are shady...
I love all the ladies.
Seriously though, politically, that was a bad move for the dark girl. By trying to be one of the girls, she got rid of a big ass Black dude that could help them physically later. Plus the dude can start a fire.
And of course the light skins will vote against her when they need to.

Fortunately the Blacks went a full episode without mentioning Jesus. We'll see how long that lasts.

Ironically, the race that lost the challenge got to send any person to Exile Island for two days. Exile Island is a small ass little patch of land where you probably just masturbate and drink salt water while crying.
Seriously, the shit looks really depressing.
The Blacks chose the white guy who stole the Asian guys chicken.
The white dude was not happy about it.
Take that imperialist thief!

This season will be great.
Too bad real life segregation wasn't this fun.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tragedy + Time = Comedy?

Maybe it's too soon for this, but since I saw it you have to see it.

Damn homie.
The Internet don't waste time, even for Steven Irwin.

Shit, people are killing stingrays out of revenge so I guess someone was bound to do a spoof.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New iPods = New Crack

I told y'all not to buy iPods for a minute because new shit was coming out soon and I'm sure Apple's sales crashed because of it...
Well the new shit came out and here's what they dropped,

1. A new 1GB iPod Shuffle that is retardedly small and cheap.
The good thing is that these are too small to find when you are getting robbed on the train.
The bad thing is that the person robbing you might get pissed when they can't find your iPod.

Only $80.
Not bad. A screen would be nice.

2. A new set of iPod Nanos with better battery life that will make you feel dumb if you just bought one.
$150 for 2GB
$200 for 4GB
$250 for 8 GB

Still can't play video.

3. An improved iPod Video with better battery life, a brighter screen and more games to waste your time with when you realize how bad your music collection is.

$250 for 30 GB.
$350 for 60 GB.

Not bad.

4. Finally iTunes 7.0 came out and it's on point. It makes Windows Media Player 11 look silly. They are selling movies so you can now buy overly protected new DVD releases for $13, get all your album artwork for free as well as buy overpriced $5 games for your iPod.
Overall they put out a lot of shit that makes it hard for a hater like myself. Good features, decent size and much better prices than they have ever put out before.
It's weird that the 8GB Nano and the 30 GB iPod are both $250. But the hard drive in the nano is better and more expensive so it makes sense.

A lot of people were expecting a new video iPod that would look like this but only prettied up Apple style to look like this.
When they drop that, I'll be in line.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years and A Day

(Hold your breath for this.)

I wasn't going to write about 9/11 because the media coverage is so maudlin and redundant it takes away most of the meaning the day had to me.
But then I reflected on the fact that I write this blog mainly to archive whatever bullshit is floating through my head, so I figured I would put this out there so when the 50th anniversary comes around I could check what was popping back in the early 2000's in case I have amnesia or anything like that.

To many New Yorkers, the World Trade Center was just another tourist building that New Yorkers flout to out-of-towners as a symbol of the city's greatness while secretly they've never really been inside.
I went to school right next door to the damn building for 4 years and I only passed underneath it to go shopping once, I think.

In September 2001, as I did every September, I ditched the first few weeks of college because it was always more interesting to see how much school I could miss before going back and still pass all my classes.

While delaying my return to the University of Michigan, I loafed around NY and I was sent by my father to pay a bill in a bank in the World Trade Center on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.
And he told me to go early...

Being the lazy teenager I was back then I left the house late and while riding the 2 train to Manhattan I decided to get off right before the train goes under the Brooklyn Bridge and near the WTC area.

I got out at Nevins St. stop near Long Island University, home to some of the sexiest Russian women outside of a mail order catalog, and I saw a group of people gathered around pointing and staring at a trail of smoke coming from Manhattan.

"A plane hit the Word Trade Center."

I said "Planes don't fly over Manhattan, that shit is weird."

Then someone said "I heard another plane hit the building."

I said to myself, "Oh hell no, it's going down."

And I realized I wasn't going to the bank.

With fam working at nearby LIU, I could get in and out of that campus as I pleased, and I decided to take advantage of their library computers and see what was really popping off.

No matter how old they are or what the cause is, people are always happy to hear that classes are cancelled. Negroes were breaking out of LIU like they freed the slaves and I was the one fool trying to get in.
Looking at a few news sites I saw that planes were dropping in D.C. and in random cornfields in Pennsylvania and I knew the world was over.

Americans have the historic luxury of not knowing what it is like to attacked frequently on its own soil. That bubble of comfort that we are given as Americans made a hell of a pop that morning.

I knew nobody was going to bomb LIU but it was time to go the fuck home.
I was not going back underground with the chaos called the MTA to be crushed by some Die Hard type exploding trains or getting on a crowded bus filled with scared West Indians so I decided to walk from the Brooklyn Bridge back to my house.

Knowing the level of obsession I was about to start absorbing and researching what went on, I hit up my best friend from elementary school.
You know the dude, the cat who was your ace back in the days when we were hollering at chicks who didn't even have breasts yet, but sadly his interests haven't really developed since then.

I knew he wouldn't care what was popping off and was completely isolated from things outside of his block. Not surprisingly, he wasn't doing shit and I went by his crib and we played Street Fighter Alpha 2 (the greatest video game ever) for the rest of the afternoon. I needed that shit.

I haven't talked to him since.

With no cellphones working my parents finally got in contact with me to see if I got caught in the bank set-up my dad tried to catch me in. I was alive.

I went home and zombied off in front of the TV. You know shit is bad when you actually watch all of a Bush Presidential Address.

Then the talk of a Bin Laden started up.
"Oh hell nah, we gotta get that nigga quick fast."

I went to Ground Zero on September 12 and that shit was a mess.
The smell of burnt flesh was thick and sickening and people were walking around as far from alive as you could get and still be called a survivor.
You could see the air.
I tried my hardest not to breathe and I got as close as I could without getting hemmed up by the National Guard chilling on every block with their AK's on their hip.
You don't need my pictures to know what it looked like. Everyone has seen it by now.
It was hard to look at what your eyes were showing and fully comprehend that sense of loss.
The idea of a building that fucking massive and symbolic being reduced to a pile of debris and all the lives inside being reduced to a bad smell was too much.

With no blood needed because everyone was dead, and George Bush telling Americans to go shop, I had an the early realization that this event would be doubly tragic because there would be nothing Americans could easily do to change or help other than to read the news more often and "support the troops."

Now Ground Zero has devolved into a real estate/dick measuring contest as well as a circus for whatever Republican needs to scare folks into a re-election and ABC is showing fictional 9/11 movies blaming Bill Clinton for everything that happened only two months before the November elections.

The 9/11 Commission Report, which you should at least read some of, has its own gaps and thus conspiracy theorists now blame 9/11 on the Jews and Bush and everyone else but crazy ass Muslims for 9/11.
9/11 has been violated so many times, I don't even know what it means or what it supposed to even mean.

Internationally, a lot has happened since that day as well,

  • The iPod was released around the time when we invaded Afghanistan.
  • We destroyed the Taliban and made Afghanistan somewhat safer.
  • Then we took troops over to Iraq and now the Taliban is back in Afghan.
  • The "End of Major Combat" was announced in Iraq, yet more troops died since the war ended than during the war.
  • American owned Enron and WorldCom went bankrupt and fucked up the economy more than Osama Bin Laden did on 9/11.
  • The Euro was put into circulation.
  • The Shield and The Wire debuted within 3 months of each other.
  • Michael Jackson got off (on his charges.)
  • A Tsunami destroyed Southeast Asia.
  • Katrina destroyed black people.
  • Dick Cheney got drunk and shot a dude in the face and may have also killed Terry Schiavo.
  • North Korea and Iran got nuclear weapons.

And that's about the dirty dozen right there. Check the true chart here (PDF link.)

Also, September 12th is the day of the Democratic Primaries in NYC so I am getting ready to go pee in the wind and vote.
I don't even know why I bother.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Weekend is for Football

So instead of blogging, I'll just give you this to watch.

Shame on you if you know all these dances.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Women Don't Play

(Worst. Sex. Ever.)

This slideshow of two praying mantises mating is the most frightening thing I have ever seen in my life.
The male climbs on the female's back to mate and during sex the female rips off the male's head yet somehow the mating doesn't stop.
And once they're done, she eats the rest of the body and leaves the wings.

From the article,

  • The male’s death may be a strategy for preventing other males from mating with the female. In death, its sexual organ becomes stuck in the female’s receptacle. Even if she feeds on the rest of his body, the organ remains behind, preventing her from receiving more sperm.
I don't even want to know what their oral is like.

- Zoroastrianism is dying.
The ancient religion that predates Islam and Christianity is going extinct.
Since Islam and Christianity have most recently given us George Bush and terrorism, I say we give Zoroastrianism another chance.

It's monotheistic, believes in the duality of good and evil and has a final day of judgment. It's really not that different.
Give Zoroastrianism a shot.

- This is a picture of a member of the Afghan National Army on patrol with only a baton.
Yea, he's patrolling Afghanistan with only a baton.
Read that until it sinks in.

- After seeing this picture of a stingray it's safe to say that I will never sneak up behind one at any point in my life.
Catching that tail in the chest must have hurt.

Fox News Reporter Gets His Ass Beat

(Hot Damn!)

First Fox News had their reporters kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam and now they have reporters get flipped on-camera by immigrants.

I think its fair to say they're sending in their reporters to clash with groups they don't like in order to rile up their viewers.

It is an election year and all that.
Expect Iranians to jump Bill O'Reilly next.

Snitch of the Week: 9/3 - 9/9 (Facebook)

(If you've ever seen this, you need to go outside)

Facebook done went and snitched on everybody this week.
The site that enables millions of losers to stalk people they never had the courage to talk to in high school or college added a new feature called News Feeds that show you updates to all your friends' pages.

The feature actually saves a lot of time. It lets you see what your friends have changed without having to pretend that you care enough to look at their pages. (Please check out my photos!!!)

It does give some extraneous information but it doesn't show anything you couldn't have found out about anybody on your friend list anyway.

Yet over-privileged twenty-something year old college students flipped out and started protesting the changes like something important happened.
This Wikipedia story is here and of course it is locked because people feel the need to vandalize encyclopedia articles to express their anger... or something.

Do people realize that Facebook is a site where people voluntarily list their screen names, places of employment, phone numbers, relationship status, political beliefs, pictures of themselves vomiting on each other and their god damn addresses?

I think I saw someone list their menstrual cycle on there once.

People put all this information out there but then complain that Facebook is "stalkerish." Maybe people should stop putting their life on the web if they don't want people to read about their life on the web.
And if you don't want certain people reading your shit then maybe you shouldn't go around adding people as your friends that aren't your friends.

Employers are already screening people based on their profiles and the Alphabet Boys (FBI, CIA, NSA, HLS, etc...) would have a field day compiling information on you that they don't already have from your FAFSA records.

The previous generation already fucked up by using up all of the Social Security and giving us Iraqi war debt to pay off until we die, but it seems the only shit that will get this generation riled up is a new feature on Facebook.

Cry about Facebook spying on you while George Bush and Alberto Gonzales read your e-mail and listen to you call your grandma. Only 47% of college age students voted in the last election anyway, I guess the rest were too busy poking strangers.

For calling out everyone trying to get ass on the Facebook as well as the stupidity of this generation the The Facebook is the Snitch of the Week.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Crocodile Hunter Is Dead, Damn.

(He came, he saw, he Crikeyed.)

I was just talking to someone the other day about how I don't really know many people that are all that interesting.
And I'm sure that there is some evolutionary Marxist explanation as to why most people are boring.

In the circles I operate in people go to college, get a job, they'll probably get married and then pump out a few kids while try to enjoy their lives. And that's fine.
A few others I know may have been shot or stabbed a few times, but that's boring in its own Brooklyn kind of way.

By interesting I mean crazy off the wall insane people that always have some damn near implausible, perfectly structured story to tell you. Those people are rare.

Shit, I'm not all that interesting, I'm sitting here writing on a blog.

But one person who sort of encompassed the idea of what I am talking about was Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, the crazy Australian guy who got into a little trouble for holding his baby near a crocodile.

Besides that Michael Jacksonesque mistake, he seemed like the kind of guy who you wouldn't mind talking to or being around (from a distance) just on the strength of the insane shit he was doing and his over the top personality. If you've ever seen him on TV, it was clear that he was very likable.
And then I found out that Steve Irwin, the goddamn Crocodile Hunter, was murdered by a stingray.
I knew stingrays were gully, but I didn't know they were killing fools out there. Especially people who hunted crocodiles for a living.
But apparently they have razor-sharp, poisonous barbs that can wrap up a human easily.

And of course, if you look up stingrays on Wikipedia, the page is locked down due to vandalism.
I guess some Steve Irwin fans thought they'd get back at stingrays by jacking up their Wikipedia page?

I always thought that crazy white people who had these kinds of careers never died. They just went about their business while people who don't have the stones to do what they do watch them on TV and file their taxes while folding their tube socks or whatever they do.

But between this and the documentary Grizzly Man, about the white guy who got himself and his girlfriend eaten by grizzly bears because he thought he could talk to animals (not my kind of interesting...) it became quite clear what the evolutionary reasons are behind boring people.

They stay alive, just with less reason.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Snitch of the Week: 8/27 - 9/2 (FAFSA)

(Laura McGann, snitch and carpenter.)

I used to think I was paranoid, but the more I read the more I realize that I'm not paranoid enough.

Our most recent step to the eventual microchipping of every American infant at birth was the revelation that the FBI sent names over to the Federal Department of Education, the DoE then checked the names against their databases and sent the information back in a program named Project Strikeback.

Read FAFSA is Spying on You (A.P.)

And this was all brought to light by Laura McGann, at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, as part of a reporting project that focused on national security and civil liberties.

No one will say whether any investigations were conducted but they claim the program is over and that they only checked on people who were already being investigated. In related news, I also have some lunar real estate to sell you.

Based on all the weird ass "additional questioning" I got from Homeland (In)Security a few years ago after coming back from a college trip I would bet all the poor college fuckers, like myself, that applied for FAFSA have the Alphabet Boys looking through your shit.

From the article,
  • For most undergraduates, FAFSA requires detailed descriptions of their parents' personal and financial information, their Social Security numbers, tax returns, savings, investments and business assets.

    FAFSA's online privacy statement says information may be shared with other agencies for "routine uses," including disclosure to law enforcement.

    Many students are unaware of this.

Laura McGann, for your skills with the power tools and intrusive investigating, you are the Snitch of the Week.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Snitch of the Week: 8/20 - 8/26 (Insurance Snitches)

(Possible Snitch of the Year?)

Even with the Katrina anniversary, I guess I can't be too surprised that I didn't hear more about this, no one wants to give snitches the love they need for the truth they bring to light.

When Jeffrey Wigand snitched on Big Tobacco to super lawyer Richard Scruggs in the 90's it cost them billions and Wigand got an Al Pacino movie out of it.
They snitched to the same guy, so what will Cori and Kerry Rigsby get out of it?

They should at least get a TV movie, because the Rigsby's say they spent months collecting reams of internal State Farm reports, memos, e-mails and claims records before they gave them to Scruggs and state and federal authorities.

The sisters, who managed teams of State Farm adjusters, say the documents show that the insurer defrauded policyholders by manipulating engineers' reports so that claims could be denied.

Read the article here.

Anyone who has remotely followed Hurricane Katrina's aftermath or watched Spike Lee's Katrina Documentary knows that the insurance companies were jerking Negroes badly, even by the standards of corporate America.

One of the most poignant parts from Spike Lee's documentary was when one family recounted the meeting they had with an insurance agent who told them they would not be getting any money despite paying insurance for about 30 or 40 years.

The father who built the house after World War II was hard of hearing and was confident that the insurance company would take care of him, so his children did not tell him about the settlement until they insurance agent was well out of reach.

He asked "Why didn't you tell me when he was there? I would have killed him."
His son says, "We know, that's why we didn't tell you."

These insurance companies aren't just preventing people from rebuilding a roof or repainting their wall, they're fucking up peoples lives.

Cori and Kerry Rigsby, for having the courage to not just blindly shill for the corporate Massa and your James Bond level espionage you are the Snitch of the Week.