Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote and Die

Shit is real in the field.

The recent debacle near Herald Square is why 99% of people should never be happy about a good stock market.
On Friday, several thousand people showed up for less than 200 jobs selling Mars Inc. candy in Manhattan, crying in line and receiving summons for disorderly conduct because they were so eager to get a job that pays $4 over the minimum wage.

  • Tamika Jones, 28, a Brooklyn mother of three school-age children, looked at the faces of other disappointed job-seekers and said: “This is what unemployment looks like in New York City. I wanted to cry.”

    Alphonzo Puzie, 31, from the Bronx, used to work in a laundry and is desperate for work. “I was very disappointed,” he said. “It burns the spirit.”

    Many had arranged for baby sitters, traveled from other boroughs and New Jersey, and lined up as early as 1 a.m., only to be told eventually that there were no more jobs being offered that day.

I am far from an anarchist or a communist but I can safely say that Republican capitalism is no joke.

We can't Chicken Noodle Soup our way out of this one.

- If y'all want to read more about how real it is, the NY Times is opening up their Times Select content for free this week.
For all the faults of the Times, they have some good columnists.
I'd recommend Paul Krugman and Nicholas Kristof because they might very well be the two most gully white men in America.
Rappers take notes.

Kristof singlehandedly just convinced me to stop fucking with American girls,

  • Western Europe and Canada both emphasize sex education and family planning programs. The result is that American women are almost three times as likely to get abortions as women in Belgium or Germany. Or take Canada. Among women and girls aged 15 to 19, Americans are 38 percent more likely to get abortions than Canadians. And American teenagers, both boys and girls, are nearly 10 times as likely to catch gonorrhea.

And this column on the real cost of Iraq kind of caught me off guard.

Get 'em while they're free.

- After seeing this new ABC report I think John Kerry's mistaken comment was actually more correct than he realized.

Part 2

That shit is crazy.
The standards for joining the military in November 2006 are about as low as they can get and it's the people on the low end of the recruitment scale that are going to get the attention in Iraq.

Especially now that Saddam is about to get the death penalty.
There won't be anymore entertaining footage from his kangaroo court trial to keep us busy.

Peep the hilarity,

I haven't seen a more ridiculous court situation since Al Pacino in "... And Justice For All."

And the Sunnis and Shiites reacted like Blacks and Whites did when OJ was freed.
Minus the civil war of course.

At least our democracy will turn out better, I think.


  1. I love how that head of recruitment "plans to launch an investigation into the matter."

    There's no service like lip service.

  2. Classic StartSnitching post...
    only you can tolerate the supremacist daily and find gems like these.