Sunday, January 15, 2006

Congratulations, you voted for... what exactly?

It's time to stop showing pictures of happy people voting, with their newly colored thumbs in their respective third world countries.

Seriously, let's examine the practicality of the colored thumb voting strategy.

First of all, it's messy.
I get upset when a pen breaks in my pocket. It takes several minutes to reasonably clean things up and in the mean time it rubs off on everything.

Second of all, it's not safe.
In a country where voting may get you killed, do you want Purple Dye # 40 tattooed on your thumb?
I doubt really think so.

And third of all, it's pointless.
It's very symbolic and it makes for a nice story, but what has really been accomplished?
Voting is pretty much like getting a woman's phone number.
It gives you a boost for a little while, but you end up feeling stupid two months down the line when nothing happens.

As further evidence, I present this classless but true comic by ultra-liberal Ted Rall.

You can see why he was kicked off the NY Times cartoon page.

Future coups aside, congrats to Ellen Sirleaf and Michelle Bachelet on their victories in two of most male dominated continents in the world.

I gotcha back, but you best to watch your front.

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