Friday, December 08, 2006

May Vic Mackey Have Mercy On Your Soul

(Even in Lego form, the Strike Team is real.)

Finally, a trailer for Season 6 of The Shield.

Sweet mother of Mary.
I would kill you all to have an opportunity to see these 10 episodes.

Reasons why:

  • Forest Whitaker is coming back.
  • The star of the movie Run Lola Run (essential viewing) is going to guest star on the show.
  • The strike team will have a new leader.
  • Cops stop killing black people when they can watch The Shield do it for them.
  • And most importantly Michael Chiklis will be playing Vic Mackey, which should be enough for anyone.

I used to try and figure out whether The Wire or The Shield was the greatest show on television until I realized that whichever show I happen to be watching is the best.

No man should have to choose.
Unfortunately, neither is on the air and The Shield doesn't start until April 3, 2007.

The good part of that is that it gives you all plenty of time to catch up on The Shield if you've never seen it.
The bad part is that I'm caught up and I need to see this shit posthaste.

FX, let me holla at the advance copy.


  1. Now why did you have to do that? Now I can't sit still: I need to watch this season, I can't wait, why was there no date? Why did Shane have to kill Lem? You are a bad man hr.

    I'll crawl back into my corner and go back into withdrawal now.

  2. Shane needs to commit suicide right as Vic gets ready to kill him.

    The way season 5 ended you know Lem wasn't going to snitch on some bitch shit. That's why he wanted to talk to Vic. Shane will find that out somehow and it will kill him.

    I added the premiere date to the post.
    I had to share, I can't stop talking about this show.

  3. the wire beats the hell out of the shield. without shock value, sield is nothing.

  4. You anonymous people need to start leaving some info, for real...

    Don't make me call out the faults of The Wire, bc I truly love that show.

    That said, the 2nd season is the red headed bastard child of the show.

    There are moments where Season 2 got slow and dare I say it, boring. I think the death of labor and the American union are important but the show shifted focus too much with that storyline.

    The Shield has never had a bad episode. Every episode is more visceral than the last and it is well plotted. Nothing resolves itself cleanly.

    24 has shock value and that show is a joke.

    Cmon anonymous...

  5. dewfish (formerly anonymous)12:29 PM, December 10, 2006

    the wire has far more meaning to it than the shield. the second season wasn't the "best" season, but was just as important as the other seasons. the wire deals with the entire city of baltimore, not just avon and his gang vs. the police. the shield is overrated. the first season i could genuinely say it was a gritty, realistic look at corrupt police. as the show went on and mike chiklis became well known, he got more creative control, and the show began to center on just vic mackey. now instead of a dirty cop just trying to get by, its all about his supposed "sex appeal", and how he now so smart they are comparing him to al capone. I give the wire far more credit for not going that way with Mcnulty. they don't let the popularity of one character take over the whole show.

  6. The Wire is more important, ambitious and socially relevant than any show ever.

    No one will argue with that but the Shield is a pure adrenaline rush and much more exciting.

    I would say the first season of the Shield was more over the top than the others. After that it became a more realistic examination about what happens to people who live this corrupt lifestyle. Things went downhill for Vic.

    He lost his family, his mistress, his partner, his status and now he lost control of the strike team.

    Look at the NYPD cops that killed for the mafia and how they went down. Things tend to end up bad for crooked piggies.

    Vic is not the god cop you make him out to be.

  7. I didn't make vic out to be anything, that is what the show does. It's also the same reason i don't watch anymore. yeah, shock value is exciting, but it's also a crutch.

  8. I am a huge fan of The Wire, I think it is the best TV show I have ever seen period. A friend suggested I check out The Shield so I did a random search for opinions of the two shows. Now when I think of how much mindless tv she watches, I am thinking no way is The Shield even close to The Wire. Every time I see somebody saying they think the show is boring, I figure it has to be somebody with the attention span of a flea who has to be spoon fed a visual barrage of anything (sex, drugs, violence, ads for cheerios) to stay interested. Maybe I'll post again when I suck it up and watch The Shield because I am still waiting for season 4 of The Wire.

  9. The Wire demands more attention and is not as kinetic as the Shield.

    That said, The Wire is ARGUABLY still better.

    No one should have to chose between the two.