Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nas Owns Jeezy... There Is A God

(That's Jeezy's career in the grave.)

Nas has never been a commercial powerhouse on the levels of Jay, Pac or whatever new (c)rapper was running the charts. But the dude is a legend regardless of his album stumbles or how many times his production makes you shake your head in disappointment and wonder why Primo couldn't do his beats instead of Christina Aguiliera's.

His career sales and the wackness of his last album "Street's Disciple" are his weakness which allows disrespectful young bucks like Jeezy to say shit like this about Nas,

  • "I’ll tell you what, we’ll look at them first week numbers and we’ll talk about it."

Sales and popularity should never be a factor for determining artistic merit.
Is America Idol the best on television because it's the highest rated?
Better than The Wire and The Shield?

Is Creed a better rock band than Sonic Youth?

Was "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" the best movie of the year?

All of this is part of why it was so ignorant for Jeezy to make that statement because his album outsold Nas' last album.

Well it seems the Billboard Gods were also upset by this disrespect because Nas' first week outsold Jeezy's first week.

  • Nas scores his third No. 1 on The Billboard 200 this week with his eighth studio set, "Hip Hop Is Dead." The Def Jam effort moved 355,000 copies last week in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Compare that to Jeezy's first week,

  • Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy debuts at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 with his second Def Jam album, "The Inspiration." The set sold 352,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Whoops! Wanna talk about it now Jeezy?
Maybe the south ain't running this rap shit as throughly as they thought.
And the realest shit about this whole deal is that all the aspiring cocaine dealers who bought Jeezy's trashbag album didn't pass the good word along because he dropped around 40% of his first week sales and out of the Billboard Top Ten in one week.

It's always refreshing when an artist can have the sales to go along with the respect.
Big-ups to Nas on his resurrection on the back of hip-hop's death.
Something good had to come of it.


  1. I think Jeezy's real problem is that his target audiences--rap critics and drug dealers--either got promo copies or were too busy getting money from junkies to help the sales stay strong for a second week.

  2. It's sad that rap critics, who should really know better, are so into Jeezy.

    Maybe if the dealers told the crackheads to buy Jeezy's CD he'd have a better second week.

  3. Thank God, I will now continue to hold out some hope.

  4. Yall need to stop hatin & get off Jeezy dick. So what he said that bullshit to Nas; he shouldnt have made that bullshit phrase the title of his album. I support Jeezy's remarks so if oldschoolers wanna pop off the mouth wit disrespectful comments so can us younger rappers.

  5. And it's because of you younger rappers that the shit is dead anyway.

    Pick up a book and learn about your history, if you plan on being a rapper...then you'll realize you're probably one of those lame ass dudes that Nas was talking about.

  6. Jeezy came off sounding dumb as shit. Talking about "feds in people's houses" like that is a good thing.

    Only an ignorant piece of shit brags about drug dealing to his own people as a good thing let along a justification as who is a better MC.

    If Jeezy couldnt talk about "the trap" he'd have no career.

    He's just a million dollar jigaboo coonin'

  7. Y'all anonymous people need to put up a nickname or something.

    Back your words up with an identity.

    - That said, if you think Jeezy has the right to come at Nas then you apparently started listening to hip-hop in 2004.

    Hip-hop has been dead for years, Nas called out the facts and now all the new kids wanna catch feelings?

    If these one dimension rappers weren't obsessed with their Scarface drug fantasies then hip-hop would be much better off.

    No one on this site is on Jeezy's dick.

  8. Jeezy's career in the grave?? OK, here's the real:

    Nas' sales after 2 wks (incl 2 wks of pre-release dates leaks): 456,974

    Jeezy's sales after 2 wks (incl 2 wks of pre-release dates leaks): 538,420.

    Jezy's actually been out for 3 weeks though and his total sales are 630,199. So for Nas to catch up, he's gonna have to sell 173,225 next week which, given the fact he dropped 250,000 units during his second week, is not gonna happen.

    So yeah, I think Jeezy may wanna "talk about it now."

    Real talk and facts, not hype. Plus wait til this "Go Getta" record with Kels gets going. Son is gonna be outta here as far as the sales go and I don't see any way Nas wil be able to catch him then....

    (And by the way I happen to like HHID, I just wanna deflate a little bit of the hype and anti-Jeezy talk.)

  9. Jeezy said "Look at the first week numbers."

    Nas got a boost from Christmas sales, but still, he outsold Jeezy in his first week.

    That's all I'm talking about. I never expected Nas to outsell Jeezy as a whole.

    I'm just happy about week one for Nas because I like to see veterans sell and Jeezy embarassed himself (temporarily) by callig out Nas like that.

    Even he knew he was wrong and he apologized to Nas.

    And Collabos with R. Kelly are always bad. He'll learn like Jay-Z did.

  10. He's a new jack, he don't even know what he's talking about. Nas only outsold him by a mere 3K!!! That's pretty much a tie in my books. Plus who gives a f-ck about 1st week sales anyway?? It's irrelevant and if you really thought Jeezy would outsell Nas anyway, why would you crow about Nas burying his career when he barely squeaked by him with his opening week numbers??

    This record-selling hustle is not a sprint (although it's getting more like that every day) but bottom line is Jeezy's gonna win this battle.

    And collabs with Kels are bad?? Ask Snoop what he thinks about that - "Go Getta" is gonna be a monster, like possibly "Soul Survivor" big. Hate it or love it but get out of the way if you're not riding with Jeezy cos that joint's gonna GO!

  11. I know it's damn near a tie.
    The only reason anyone has said anything about it was because of Jeezy.

    I expect hot new southern rappers to outsell most veteran east coast rappers.

    The career burying thing was just Interwebs hype. I know Jeezy will go platinum for a while because of the lowered tastes of rap buyers.

    And I thought you meant a collabo album with Kelly, not the single out now.

    That will be Top 10 Billboard.

  12. Young Jeezy needs to shut his 5th grade educated ass the fuck up. Who gives a shut if Nas is "in the streets" or has friends in the feds?!?!? That is coon sh*t!!!! Why would your crack baby ass try to brag about that. Jeezy is everything that is wrong wit
    Nas brought the streets of QB to the world like none other. Allow a man to grow. WE NEED GROWN MEN IN HIP HOP.Jeez can't fuck with a dude from Nima,Ghana.

  13. I know this convo is way old, but I just got introduced to the site and I'm going back and reading all that I've missed out on.

    Having said that, I will say this - I was born, raised, and I reside in Atlanta. I make a huge deal out of supporting music, especially those form my hometown. I have both of Jeezys albums, but I will say this, if I could get a refund from Circuit City for the last album, I would. STRAIGHT GARBAGE. I think I liked maybe 3 songs. Maybe. I such the supporter of anything Atlanta, that I tried to make mysefl like it. But after about, eh... a week. I had to take it out and accept the fact that the album was garbage! True story...

    In comes Nas. My coworker was going on and on and on about Hip Hop is Dead. I was ignoring him b/c he's from NY and a huge Nas fan so I'm thinking he's a bit bias. So, he burns me a copy and after about a week of just looking at it, I decided to put it in car while I'm driving. It was love at first listen!!! Quality through and through. Turned out to be one of my favorite cd's of the year. I liked and respected the work so much that I went out and purchased it.

    Jeezy - really want a refund
    Nas - bought the cd eventhough I had a perfectly good free copy in my hands

    I think that says a lot.