Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snitch of the Week: 11/26 -12/2 (Republican Negroes)

(Ho sit down!)

It seems like the Bush Negroes were drinking that truth serum last week.
The truth is pretty hard to avoid now with the Iraq Study Group Report (PDF Link) dropping reality all over that ass.

Colin Powell went and called the shitstorm in Iraq a civil war.
That shouldn't be a big deal because everyone knows that the shit is a civil war, but political discourse and common-sense honesty is at such a low that someone actually calling out what everyone else sees in noteworthy.

Even though the only thing Colin Powell has power over nowadays is his wife and children, it still pretty real to hear someone who was once the golden Negro of Dubya contradict his old crew.

And Condi Rice went and admitted that America has made mistakes in Iraq but that she's not ready to say what those mistakes are yet.

Last time she criticized Iraqi War policy, Rumsfeld had her serving lemonade for the rest of month.
But now that he's gone I guess she can kick her feet up and let loose.

For this new brand of political real talk, however late it is, the Bush Negroes, Condi and Colin are the Snitch of the Week.


  1. That photo is classic. Condi looks like she is about to show her true colors, start rolling her neck and pull a "Negro, please" out her ass.

  2. I would kill to see her do that.

    I'm sure deep inside, she does that every day.