Monday, December 18, 2006

The Redemption of Justin Timberlake

No, this is not another hipster apologist defense of Justin Timberlake.
It's just him being in the right Saturday Night Live sketch at the right time.

Is this as funny as Lazy Sunday was before it was killed off by its own greatness?


But all I know is that I'm now looking for that special lady to share my Christmas gift with.


  1. I was just telling a friend about this today. This and the homelessville skit were killer.

    Good looking out all last week btw, you were on fire with your posts.

    And seasons greetings, whatever you celebrate.

  2. Damn...I rarely catch SNL anymore. Though, Mya Rudolph could get it...she is part of music history...Y'know.

  3. - I gotta check for that Homelessville skit.
    Appreciate the good words.

    The Top 10 lists are coming.
    Those should be good.

    - Mya Rudolph was looking better than I remembered.
    She could get it for real.

  4. I watched that skit at least four times before I realized it was JT. It's like the guy is dead to me. Good for him, though he's still a punk for not backing up Janet like that. Where does he rank on the all-time snitch list? Is there one?

  5. He's still dead to me.

    He's high on the bitch list for stabbing Janet in the back.