Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sleeper Cell: American Terror (Get On It)

The first season of Showtime's Sleeper Cell came out of nowhere.
It was one of the darkest, realist and most comprehensive looks at Islam and terrorism I have ever seen and I'm the type of nerd that reads things like the 9/11 Commission Report.

It ended up being one of the best television shows of 2005 and it even picked up an Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries.

And the second season premieres on Sunday, 12/9.

The weakness of the show is that it often takes on a didactic tone to make sure the audience understands that there are good Muslims and bad Muslims. However, given that this country doesn't trust Muslims, can't tell the difference between Shiite and transvestite and thinks that they should be branded with crescent shaped tattoos, you can't really fault the show for over explaining its position.

Not to mention that Muslims do a lot of shit to make themselves look bad.
You know, like plot to set off grenades in local malls in America during the Christmas rush.

The greatness of the show is that it gives you a view into the lives of the sick fuckers like the Mall Grenade Bomber above as well as people like Jose Padilla, the American enemy combatant and Muriel Degauque, the white European female suicide bomber, who are both the basis for characters on the new season.

But the reality of it is if all 1.3 billion Muslims in the world were terrorists, the Earth would be a wrap.
They are showing all 8 episodes in 8 nights so if the show is half as good as it was last year, it may help me forget about The Shield for a quick second.


  1. Start,
    I can eff with you on all of your posts all the time because we think on a similar wavelength but why haven't you given my show 'Heroes' any love. Them niggas referenced X-Men #143 directly. The shit is good stop fronting.

    Battlestar Galactica is a better show than it deserves to be.

  2. I only saw the pilot.

    Come winter break I'll give it another go along with Battlestar.

    Gotta respect the X-Men references.

  3. I love this show – very intense. Were yall surprised that Farik threatened to kill Aziz’s daughter? Or was it just me? I think it is strategy to get Aziz to listen…craziness. I am glad that this is getting more publicity – last year they barely had any. My friend even sent me a Sleeper Cell contest that is hosting – pretty cool.

  4. Farik is an evil mother fucker.

    Did you see what he did to his daughter?

    If you put up some info, anonymous 23423, we could poli on this show.