Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mid-Week Goodness

I saw some shit relating to what I touched on about rappers talking about politics.

More poli sci rap wisdom from a Styles P interview,

  • Last month we’ve had an extremely vocal midterm election. If you were given the chance to vote, would have voted?

    Styles P: Do you really think it would count? I just watched a National Geographic [Channel] special on the voting machines. I seen how they switched the whole s**t around. Not just on paper, inside the computer. To tell you the truth, honestly, I wouldn’t [vote]. Whoever is running…when it was Bush versus Kerry, what would have been the use? They’re all in the same secret society, anyway. There’s another government besides the government. I don’t think it’s ever what the people want. Let me ask you something, you ever think there’d be a woman president? I think Hillary [Rodham] has a strong chance. I also wouldn’t count out the Illinois Senator, Barak Obama.

    Styles P: I think if either one of ‘em would win, they’d get killed. [Barak] definitely wouldn’t stand a chance- he’s Black. [Editor’s note: Barak Obama is of multi-racial ethnicity] He might as well hang it up. I think the closest Black person that could have won would have been Colin Powell. You’ve seen what he did- he gracefully bowed out.

And some trademark Ghostface insanity,

  • Are you talking about this stuff because you feel people don’t have respect anymore, any sense of the consequences of their actions?
    Yeah, they don’t have respect for nobody anymore. For God, for they moms, they parents. Not even for mankind. We killin’ the world, man. Ozone layer. Everything is melting. The gas from the cars. We goin’ in and fucking Iraq up. We done killed Saddam’s sons. It’s like, I know we played a part in the Twin Towers coming down. Everything is thieves nowadays. How can I tell you? Man is bad. It’s a battle in heaven between God and the devil, and the devil is putting the work in right now.

I loved this part in particular,

What are you saying, though – the Wu-Tang Clan feel awkward around each other when they haven’t been together for a while?
No, not awkward really... But you gotta get in that zone. I’m my own element. Like, if this was a bowl of fruit, I’d probably be a watermelon. You know what I mean?

Not really, no.
See, because Wu-Tang is like nine members. So one is a banana, grape, orange, pear – you know what I mean? I said watermelon ’cos I like watermelon. It’s nice.

Yes, it’s a good fruit. It dominates the bowl, too, if you know what I mean.
Yeah [laughs]. You know that shit.

Gotta love that dude.
If not for the fact that he made 2 of the best rap albums this year, then at least for his utterly incomprehensible interviews.

- On a completely unrelated note, this shit is pure fire.

The things nerds do with their time...

- Peep this fucking hilarious video of a Japanese robot demo gone wrong.

I don't know what I like better, the gasps of shock from the audience or the way they backstage crew rushes to censor his robotic shame.


  1. I love Ghost, but I will never use him for political commentary.

    Also I feel good about that robot thing. Having seen Colossus: The Forbin Project, The Terminator, The Matrix, etc. At least for now I know I'm safe as long as there are stairs nearby.