Friday, December 15, 2006

Stop Snitching on Terrell Owens

The one thing people get twisted when they read this site is what this whole "Start Snitching" movement is about.

It's not about collaborating with the government or being an FBI Informant per se, it's about speaking the truth no one wants to hear when it needs to be heard.

And a good example of snitching gone wrong is the informer in Dallas who's dropping dimes on Terrell Owens every movement.

T.O. thinks a snitch is out to fuck up his time in Dallas,

  • Well, there is that snitch still lurking.

    "Yeah, that's my main part of frustration," he said. "It's like, you want to be part of this team and feel part of it, but it's hard to do that when you feel like there are guys you feel like you don't trust. It's just not happening."

    What bugs Owens the most about the snitching is that he doesn't think it is so bad to be late or fall asleep in a meeting.

    "Those are like petty things, you know what I mean?" he said. "My point is, everybody does it. But it's when I do it, it's a big deal. ... Enough is enough, you know what I mean? It gets to a point where it's like, `OK, when does it stop?"'

    Although T.O. has a good idea of who is snitching -- "This is not a situation where someone is hiding out in the bushes," he said -- he won't confront the suspect until "the time is right."

I think I know who the Snitch is.

It's Drew Bledsoe.
Bledsoe, I know you're bitter about Romo stealing your shine (and job) but you already have a ring from your time with Tom Brady so be easy hombre. We can easily go 11-5 this season take over the weak-ass NFC.

If the year ends and you don't want to finish your career at the incredible new Cowboys Stadium (I have to see a game there,) Jerry Jones will gladly let you go finish your career wherever you're still wanted.

Let Owens stay focused so that negro can catch the damn ball.
We need this Falcons game.


  1. I really looked at this blog as the bible until this post. This is just plain batshit though. I won't argue with you that Bledsoe is a dolt, but come on...Is TO that much of a headcase that this turkey will throw him off his game? TO is just looking for any excuse to be insane. How can you root for any team coached by Parcells?

  2. I like Parcells mainly because I have to because he is coaching the Cowboys. Even when he was with the Jets I didn't mind him.

    What inspires your Parcells hate anonymous #324532?

    T.O. can be a baby at times, but if you were at a new team and your bowel movements were leaked to the press you'd be annoyed too.

    He still should catch the damn ball though.

  3. Please root for the Jets or the Giants or some other shitty sports team that has to do with you. You and your kind have nothing to do with the Big Tex.

  4. Was that a real comment?

    People from Texas should be happy anyone fucks with them in spite of the fact that the last two presidents from that state got us into Vietnam and Iraq.

    Step up your arguments...

  5. history wasn't a strong point in ny's public schools?

    i assume you mean lbj and gw.

    gw is a carpetbagger from the ne.

    ct =/= tx

    furthermore, lbj didn't get the u.s. into vietnam. truman did, and he was from mo.

    mo =/= tx


  6. Are y'all still teaching children abstinence in Texas?

    I heard that was working well for y'all.

    "Texas teens are significantly more likely to have sex, drink alcohol and drive drunk than their peers nationwide, according to a report being released today."

    No one considers Bush as a Northeasterner no matter where he's from. Please.

    And LBJ escalated the war and created what Americans perceive as the Vietnam War today.

    Get the details of your history.

  7. a.

    googlefight and the city of austin would beg to differ.

    b. escalated =/= "got us into"

    just say no to northeastern liberal revisionist history.

  8. This is boring.
    Go get ready for Jeb Bush's presidential run.

    I have a Cowboys game to watch.

  9. Thats the way to tell 'em H.R. Those humps are Cowboys fans by default. I never understand why people think you have to root for the stadium nearest your house. That's some Euro-soccer nationalistic nonsense.

    No wonder this country is so screwed up. There are too many Germans over here.

  10. Real talk DP

    Next thing you know these NFL fans will be throwing bananas at black players on some World Cup shit.

  11. And you're a cowboy fan too. I'm definitely going to be reading this site as much as possible...