Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Top Five Tech Things of 2006

(I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that...")

I don't blog about technology often because that is what Engadget and Digg are for.

But not everyone has the time or interest to get find the worthwhile shit out there and appreciate the power that technology has on their lives, so here's the shit you should have been rocking in 2006.

5. Google Earth 4


I don't think people realize how real in the field Google is with their shit and the level they will be on by the end of the decade. I also afraid as to how much more detailed this program can get in 2007.
Tinfoil-hat conspiracies aside, Google Earth is exactly what a country who loves Borat but isn't quite sure if his country is real needs.
Get global fools, before Chinese robots are banging your wife.

4. USB Cell


Batteries that charge through USB.
Quite simple, quite brilliant.

3. TVU Player


Internet TV is some next level shit that won't take off until Verizon DSL and friends stop selling those bullshit "high-speed" Internet connections.
This software lets you rock free TV, Cable and Global Television over the Internet.
Illegal? Probably.
Free cable? Definitely.

2. FairUse 4 WM


Sign up for a two-week free trial with a music subscription service.
MTV Urge, Yahoo! Music Unlimited and Napster are a few of the more popular ones. Urge doesn't ask for a credit card.
Download thousands of protected WMA files to your computer for free and then cry as they expire when your trial ends.
Or use this program to rip off the DRM protection and enjoy them well after your trial is up.

I'm not encouraging you to do that. I'm just saying that it's a possibility.

Shit, you might actually like one of the services enough to sign up after the trial ends.
That's what I did with Yahoo Music Unlimited.
You get tired of shitty quality SoulSeek tracks after a while.

1. Skype 3.0


VOIP is scaring the shit out of the telecommunication companies. How do you run your business when you know that one day all calls will be free?
I don't know and I don't care.
Skype isn't new, it lets you call anyone, anywhere in the world for free as long as they have Skype.
The noteworthy step is the fact that Skype is starting to get common on cellphones with Wi-Fi, which means soon you'll be making free calls everywhere.
I love it.


My 2007 calls.

1) I know y'all are all in love with your iPods but don't sleep on that Microsoft Zune.
No one thought Microsoft would steal the crown from the Sony PlayStation and look what happened. XBox 360 is running the table and I am better than you at Madden.
The next Zune should be fire.

2) Cellphones will get gullier, meaning built-in hard drives, better cameras and such.
Not to mention Apple will release some sort of Apple Phone. Everyone will step their game up after the Apple Phone drops. Competition gets that ass moving.

3) I will acquire some sort of HDTV.
Standard TV is not cutting it for Start Snitching.


  1. I was with you until you slandered my Madden Skills. Wait til I start playing on Xbox live.

  2. Wait until I get an XBox.

    I'll be murdering dudes online.