Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown - R.I.P.

There was no way I could celebrate Jesus' Birthday with a clear mind without taking a minute to shout out Mr. James Brown.

When I read he had pneumonia I had a feeling that it was over for him. His age and the gullyness of the disease didn't leave me with a good feeling and unfortunately I was right. He passed away today at age 73.

For better or worse, hip-hop wouldn't exist without JB along with a few dozen other genres.
Listen to any one of his "Greatest Hits" albums and the hear the samples of a million rap songs.

I'm not going to post some long list of James Brown MP3's and the rap songs they created. I'm sure someone with the time has done that already or will do that soon.

I'm just going to put up a few of my favorite JB songs that any self-respecting music fan should already have on computer.
Looking past his incredible influence on a myriad number of artists and genres, he made incredibly rhythmic, soulful and passionate music that should be appreciated for what it is.
Great music.

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