Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sweet Jesus, The World Done Lost It!

The recent terrorist threats made against sports stadiums were not only bullshit but were stolen straight from the season finale of the Showtime series "Sleeper Cell." (Great show by the way.)

Terrorists, fake or not, need to step it up on the idea front.
No one has even come close to Osama's attempt to get in touch with the black community by releasing mixtapes.

- Even the Tamil Tigers are getting bored.
Their most recent attack in Sri Lanka involved the use suicide boat bombs?

Wasn't that idea used in Syriana?

Are terrorists just copying shit from movies at this point?

And where was M.I.A. at during all of this?

- Shit even Bush has gotten some inspiration from the movies with his declaration that we will defend America from hostile nations that invade our territory in space.

That's right. It's Star Wars bitches!

- And not only do we have to fight off foreigners in space we have to fight off attacks from the ocean.

Stingrays aren't just satisfied with killing healthy beloved animal enthusiasts, now they're jumping onto boats and stabbing old dudes in the chest.
Keep telling me stingray attacks are rare...

The Earth/Sea/Space war is on, I and personally welcome it.

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  1. Yeah, I heard about the acrobatic Stingray this morning. Man! This is only killing my dream of owning a house by the beach.