Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Paid For Music...

I know. It's weird.
Let me explain.

It has become so easy to steal music that it's almost tedious.

Between SoulSeek, BitTorrent and Limewire you can find damn near anything you want for Free .99.
But as a music nerd trying out all the new releases fills up a hard drive fast.
Not to mention some of the old stuff is hard to find.

And then you have to worry about misnamed files, the lack of album art, shitty audio quality and of course you have to wait for it all to download.
Most people don't care about that, but as I said I'm a music nerd, so I need it organized.

It got to the point where I had tons of sloppy unheard music sitting on my computer pissing me off.

So I deleted most of it and I started messing around with Yahoo!'s free trial.

I've been addicted to Yahoo! Launchcast Radio for a minute.
It's crack.

But Yahoo! has another music service called Yahoo! Music Unlimited.
It's like iTunes where you can buy songs and albums, but it has another feature where you can pay a rental fee like Netflix and get all the music you want.

The fee is $5 a month/$60 a year and you have access to the millions of songs in their catalog.
I listen to everything so I can guarantee whatever you listen to is there.

You can download music to your computer or just play it straight from the Yahoo! servers without clogging up your own comp. Of course they are locked down with DRM protection so you can't easily pass it around to your thieving friends or play the files once you stop paying the rental fee.

But there are ways around that...

Anyway the main point is you have all the music you could stand to listen to for an entire year for $60.
No messing around with fake SoulSeek files or shady AllofMP3 shit.
You rate the music and get good recommendations back.
New releases and old shit on demand instantly.
It's ridiculously convenient.

And Yahoo! has a promotion that allows you to get two years for $60 if you pay for it with a MasterCard.
Two years of unlimited music for $60.
I sold off a bunch of my old CD's collecting dust so that it could pay for itself. So I kind of got two years to legal unlimited music for free.

I know I sound like I work for them but I don't get shit for promoting this. I just wanted to put it out there.
If you actually like music it's definitely worth it.


  1. I may have to peep it...I've been to lazy to steal music lately.

  2. Welcome to the club buddy, its about g'damn time! Im not only talking about the new blog. ;)