Tuesday, October 24, 2006

There Are No Thugs On Change Of Heart

(We don't believe you, you need more people.)

The whole G-Unit 'movement' has been collapsing for quite some time now.
It pretty much started when the Gayme quit/was fired and continued with the subsequent flops of Yayo, Mobb Depp and most recently Lloyd Banks.
It's death couldn't have come sooner.

Recently Gayme caught some beef after an altercation with Ras Kass, an underground Cali rapper whose overly intelligent lyrics and legal problems have precluded his mainstream success.

It's one of those weird beefs where the less popular rapper wins on paper but doesn't have the support of the Clear Channel zombies to get the credit he deserves.

Ras Kass - "Gayme Over"

If that doesn't kill Gayme enough, there is the all too easily forgotten footage of him on "Change of Heart."

How can you launch a career on some hardcore BS after this airs?
Who believes this shit?

The dude's album is named after a guy who kicked him off his label.

The curtain has been lifted on these industry Cosby thugs too many times for this "bang bang shoot 'em up shit" to sell records anymore.

When November 14th comes around, knock those "Doctor's Advocate" CDs off the shelf.

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