Saturday, October 07, 2006

Alex Rodriguez NYY: 2004-2006

(The $252 million man)

Is there a worse job than convincing Muslim men to translate Arabic in Iraq on the front lines for the U.S. military?

How about trying to get Muslim women to take it off?

Or maybe being Alex Rodriguez's press agent?

That fool is the George W. Bush of sports.

In the Tigers-Yankees series he went 1-for-14 (.071) and didn't have a single RBI for his second postseason.

I could ask strangers on the street for a threesome and do better than 1-for-14.
I could try to fly and do better than 1-for-14.

What a fucking bum.

I went back and did a little research to see exactly what type of fucking bum he was and I found the article where it was announced he would come to NY.

Peep the laughable excitement here,

  • "I'm pretty excited. This is a big, big one," Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said.

    "It ranks with when we signed Reggie," he said, a reference to when slugger Reggie Jackson joined the Yankees before the 1977 season.

    The Rangers will wind up paying $140 million for three seasons with Rodriguez, an average of $46.7 million annually for three last-place finishes in the AL West. The Yankees will owe him $112 million over seven years. "Since the end of last season we said we would not trade Alex unless it made sense for our organization," Texas Rangers general manager John Hart said.

    "This deal is a win-win-win situation for the Rangers, the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez. This trade is about flexibility. We've traded the best player in the game, and we're getting tremendous financial flexibility."

    "We asked if we could achieve a championship faster doing this deal or not making this deal," Rangers owner Tom Hicks said. "We felt we could make it faster doing this deal."

Seattle Texas is still paying his salary.
Anyone who had anything to do with that $252 million/10 year deal in Seattle needs to be banned from sports management immediately.

No person should ever make that much money by playing a team sport.

Not to mention baseball is not even a sport where one player can change the game on their own.
Even when MJ was bringing guaranteed rings to the Bulls he wasn't making $25.2 million a year.

Look at what Rodriguez and his agent were asking for before Texas signed him,

  • Boras made extravagant contract demands, reportedly including the use of a private jet for road trips, personal office space usually reserved for managers and executives, a personal tent to sell A-Rod merchandise, and more billboard advertising space than crosstown Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter.

Although I'm a Yankees supporter, I hate A-Rod enough to be glad that a Yankees loss will get him the fuck out of NY.
I'm glad the Yankees got burned on their imperialistic style of baseball.
You can't buy a championship.
At least not anymore.

You gotta believe.
Let's go METS!!!


  1. Umm, it was Texas who signed him from Seattle.

    People need to lay off A-Rod. He will go down as one of the greatest players in baseball history. Its not like he isnt putting up numbers.

    Rodriguez is a career .305 hitter who averages 43HRs and 125RBI a year. He's only had playoff issues since going to NY. His first 22 postseason games of his career he hit .375.

    The cat is only 31 years old and has 464HRs and 1347RBI. He will have over 700HRs before he is done and that is without roids.

    Whiny, spoiled Yankee fans dont deserve him. They can gladly slide him to my Indians and he will be the right handed power hitter to stick in the lineup between Travis Hafner and Victor Martinez.

  2. My bad on the team ID.

    His stats are great but who cares if you can't produce in the playoffs and if you have 20+ errors a year.

    I like Peyton Manning but the dude chokes in the playoffs.
    Same thing.

    You can have A Rod.

    Shit, maybe he'll hit the ball for you in the playoffs.

  3. I have to agree with the A-Rod hating, though I'm neither a Yankee fan nor an A-Rod fan so maybe my two cents isn't even worth that. But I do have to agree that he puts up numbers but not at the right times. I also have to think that the guy's no good in the locker room based on his interviews and magazine articles.

  4. He needs to go.
    He's being sold on discount right now.