Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beat Your Children, Please.

(Needs a minute with your child.)

I didn't even know you could still legally beat kids in school but I'm all for it.

As someone who takes public transportation in NYC and knows plenty of people in education, it's clear as hell, these kids need to get fucked the fuck up.

The little jigs Chicken Noodle Souping on the train, playing Laffy Taffy on their blaring cellphones between Nextel Chirps while elbowing their way to the back of the bus are only like that because they haven't caught a stiff one in the jaw from their parents and because their teachers aren't allowed to hit them.

Instead they are left to their own devices which usually involve snap dancing and remember, every time someone snap dances a prison cell opens somewhere in America.

And these are the white girls that will bail them out.


  1. yes, yes they will and they'll love every minute of it.

  2. On youtube the guy wonders whether his sis has any black in her, who else finds that funny?
    Anyway, in the USAToday there's a story about how CEO's in a study all say that they got spanked as kids.

  3. There is the truth and then there is the truth about two white girls who will grow up to be used in college and because of that be ruined for life in perhaps the truest and most just expression of nature abhoring the weak I can think of this minute. And that makes the Human Resource a truth teller. Speak on truth teller, speak on.

  4. I saw that USA Today study.

    I knew getting your ass whooped was beneficial.