Thursday, January 19, 2006

Osama!!! New shit!!!

Back Like Cooked Anthrax: Volume 1!

Not to be outdone by Cam'ron's new diss track about Jay-Z currently floating around on the mixtape scene and the Interwebs, Osama Bin Laden recently dropped his newest tape although the focus was a little different from Killa Cam's. (Cam's pathetic attempt can be downloaded here.)

(Hot enough to stone?)

All of this fires up the old baseless conjecture machine, does this have anything to do with the reports of Osama's niece, Wafah Dafour trying to launch a pop music career in the U.S.?

Surely she realizes her uncle isn't helping her PR.

Once she grasps how this whole American music thing works expect a sextape with Paris Hilton and Lil Jon remix.

Regardless, the new Osama joint is killing it on Al-Jazeera right now.
Number 1 download I believe.
Should be on iTunes soon, so check back.

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  1. hey famz,

    you had some great concepts in this post that I may have to boost from you because they were so tight.


    dude, you got that one off.

    -Bill Sunday