Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Payback's A Bitch, Huh Cassidy?

(I'm a vegetable homie, ask about me)

Crapper Cassidy got into a car accident last week and is now in critical condition.
With any luck he may die.

This is the best news of this young week.

I take music seriously, but not enough to wish death on someone because of the shit they put out.
I'm not that evil.

The root of my hatred come from this news story from last year,

  • Three men, including Cassidy, armed with .45 and .40 caliber handguns, 9 mm pistols, AK47 assault rifles and 7.62 mm rifles, fired on three other men during an hostile argument that occurred in the rapper's West Oak Lane neighborhood in Northwest Philadelphia just before 1 a.m. on April 15, 2005. Also in Cassidy's house, they found 80 magazines of ammunition.
Then the case went south when the witness caught the "Stop Snitching" bug.

  • The primary witness withdrew his confession, stating, "I only told the police what they wanted to hear, because they wouldn't let me leave, and I had a bullet in my leg."
So he shook a murder charge down to a bullshit involuntary manslaughter charge and ended up getting out with only 8 months served.

Martha Stewart may have done more time for selling her stocks a few days early.

But that's not it.

Peep the shit he was spitting after his release,

  • "Cuz when I had my last trial it was a fast trial my lawyer said he’ll spank the case like a bad child
    Wow he was bonafied
    I was found not guilty on both of my attempts and a homicide
    I’m in the hood like Rambo,
    so I got involuntary manslaughter ‘cuz of the ammo
    But I don’t really feel it’s a loss
    I was facing life and I’m home now so I feel like a boss.”

Get off on a murder and boast about it.
Ah, the joys of rap music.

You have to ask why was he the only one out of the five people in the car who had serious injuries when he was on his way to the studio to record for his album?

Karma, mo fo.

Maybe with his new scar from the crash and his jail time he can finally go Gold.


  1. I squeal with joy when dumbass dirtbags get what they deserve.

  2. I have a little Dexter feeling in me at the moment, you're right my friend Karma is a bitch.

  3. I remember when the first story came out thinking something should happen to him.

  4. Karma huh? That's hippie nonsense!