Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Muslims Need To Stop Bitching

(Did Apple bite off of Allah?)

A Muslim website is currently complaining that the beautiful new Apple Store on 5th avenue is offensive to Muslims.
It's resembles the Ka'ba in Mecca.

The systematic murder of Muslims by other Muslims in Iraq and around the world?
Apparently not so offensive to Muslims.

This goes hand in hand with a NY Times article I read today about Europe being afraid that Muslims have lost their damn mind. (Obviously I am talking about violent fundamentalist Islam and those that let that brand of Islam appear to be the norm. So please, no angry e-mails.)

Have Muslims lost their damn mind? (NY Times)

Europe is scared because their Muslims have not done as well as American Muslims and are a lot more resentful because of their failed assimilation.
The reasons as to why that assimilation has failed are complex and Europe may be to blame, but Europe is not entirely wrong to worry about Islam as a whole.

They point the fact that Muslims got upset when the pope called Islam a violent religion but then Muslims killed a nun within a few days.

That's sure showed the pope didn't it?

That was obviously a stupid thing for the pope to say, especially considering that he was part of the Hilter Youth, but it is far more stupid to validate his claims and react violently.

There is this thing that evolved minds can handle, it's called criticism.

How can anyone engage the Muslim world in serious dialogue when they have to worry about an airplane on an express route to their apartment afterwards?

Shit, I'm not entirely sure they didn't get that building that got hit today in NY.
Did the Yankees pilot in the plane ever say anything about Islam?

Steve Jobs, watch the Apple Store.


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