Thursday, October 26, 2006

Harold Ford Jr. May Like White Women!

(Not Barack Obama)

America nearly lost their mind when Terrell Owens (black dude) had implied sex with Nicole Sheridan (white chick) from Desperate Housewives on Monday Night Football way back when.

So what are Republicans trying to imply about Harold Ford Jr., a good-looking Obama type Democrat Negro who is running for Senate in Tennessee and on the verge of becoming the first popularly elected African-American Senator from the South in United States history, as well as the first African-American Senator from the Southern United States since Reconstruction in this objectively poor ad?

Hide your daughters white people.
Hippie Liberal Man-Dingo warrior Ford is on the prowl!

Racist? The NAACP seems to think so.

Remember, this is just a black dude running for a Senate seat who is actually more conservative than Barack Obama.
What will the G.O.P. whip out against Obama who may be running for the damn presidency of the U.S.A. in 2008?

Woo boy.
I hope his closets are clean.


  1. That man is waaaay more conservative than Obama. He is republican in everything but name.

  2. Speaking of black people in a white world, hit it, just don't quit it.

  3. Wooo boy! Good looking senator there!!! Im moochin' off Corey for a while and moving my ass to Tennessee! :P

  4. Sadly, Tennesse is so backwards that the conventional wisdom is that the national uproar over race is going to cause a confederate backlash because they're tired of being called rednecks. Maybe Kendrick Meeks can fulfill the dream.

  5. I swear the Republicans are always worried about the WRONG damn thing. How about they figure out an exit strategy on this war. How about they figure out why their collogues are molesting little teenage boys...

  6. Why worry about that when Harold Ford might be having sex with... white women!?