Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Aishwarya Rai, Indeed

I just found out my Indian wifey is about to star in a movie with Will Smith.

The Fresh Prince has got Indian superstars flying across the world to make it happen with him.
The dude has come a long way from "Parents Just Don't Understand."
I will be crashing the set.

- Sudan has malls and restaurants?
Luxury cars?
Their economy is popping?

  • The traditional meal of ful, a bean stew eaten for breakfast and lunch, is giving way to kebabs, yogurt, hamburgers and hot dogs.

    “We even have Pringles,” said Mohammed Abdelwahab Salih, a 26-year-old entrepreneur who recently started a business in Khartoum designing Web sites.

    Mr. Salih remembers the days, not so long ago, when he used to have to wait in line for hours for a single loaf of bread.

    “And it wasn’t even good bread,” he said. “When we got home, we had to pick out the flies.”

Reading all those newspapers has got my mind twisted, I need to get over to Africa sooner or later and see what's popping for real.

- Kurt Cobain makes more money than Elvis Presley.
True that...

- Can you really say that Michael J. Fox is exaggerating his disease?
He was on Family Ties for Christ's Sake.
Is nothing sacred?!

Republicans are getting desperate...

The Muslims are Coming!!!

Laquisha and Tyrisha are Republican!
Hm Mm girlfriend!

The two women in that ad win the First Annual Clarence Thomas Cooning Award.

- You can't fire me! I quit!

Jermain Dupri is out as head of Urban Music at Virgin Records after Janet Jackson's album arrived DOA.

Did any of y'all hear it?
It was atrocious.

He put together Mariah Carey's surprisingly decent comeback record and helped Usher go 8X platinum but he couldn't give the woman he's sleeping with a hit album?

Relationships don't mix with music.
Ask Badu and Andre 3000.

- And keeping with flops Puffy, as I will always call him, opened with his lowest week ever and still had the number 1 album.

170,000 sold. Damn.

Lloyd Banks dropped 14 slots, 67% percent and he hasn't even sold 200K by his second week.
The G-Unit is dead.
Thank god.

Are rap sales bad this year because rap is the worst it has ever been or are all the kids just stealing the musics off the Internets now?

Jack Black and I both agree you shouldn't steal music.


  1. >>Are rap sales bad this year because rap is the worst it has ever been or are all the kids just stealing the musics off the Internets now?

    can't it be both?

  2. I dunno why you are calling Mariah's album "surprisinngly decent" when you know you downloaded every single from that joint.

  3. - Why yes, it can be both.
    And it probably is.

    - Is someone trying to put me on blast?
    It's ok for what it is.

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