Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yehaa for Yahoo!

In the Bloods vs. Crips battle of internet search engines I ride with Google over Yahoo any day of the week.

However Yahoo! has a new service (new as in I just found from my boy) that has me switching colors, at least temporarily.

I knew Yahoo! did the radio thing but I didn't know it could be personalized and had such a good variety of music.

You login here with your Yahoo! ID and choose what genres and artists you like. Be sure to allow explicit content and whether you want a detailed 0-100 point scale or simple 0-4 star system.

It will then play songs based on what artists and genres were selected, trying to match your tastes. Tell it what songs, artist and albums you like or never want to hear again. I almost slapped my computer off my desk when it tried to play Musiq Soulchild and Smashmouth. After a day or two of tweaking it will get it right and throws new music into the mix.

Where else can you get Rush, Marvin Gaye and the Motown gang, Elephant Man, Pearl Jam and Mint Condition's 3 good songs?

In typical Yahoo! fashion something is wrong, it only works in Internet Explorer and the display occasionally freezes, but it still saves me from having to rip my entire CD collection and putting Windows Media Player on random.

Throw yo Y's up, for now.


  1. My last ten songs: "Stranded on Death Row"; "Scenario"; "Oodles of O's"; "Walk on By" (by Issac Hayes, not Dionne); "Hustler's Ambition"; "Betterman"; "Voices Carry"; "Ditty"; "Georgie Boy"; and "Rump Shaker." Best. Invention. Ever.

  2. Fine tuning is important, especially if you like a wide group of music. I'll be noddin my head to Outkast and then here comes Cindi Lauper (I like 80s stuff, sue me). A quick low rating or banishment and you're done.

    ps. If you like that, check out the new Yahoo maps

  3. Outkast and Cindy huh?
    It's not long before Andre covers her anyway.

    I just posted about Yahoo! maps. It's not bad at all.