Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Condi Rice Has A Boyfriend?

(Make your own caption...)

Supposedly she's making a neo-connection with Peter MacKay, a conservative from Canada who got dumped when his girlfriend switched over to the liberal team.

I don't even want to know how much more relaxed she will get if she starts getting laid regularly.
The woman already was caught chilling at a Broadway show while black people were using corpses as life jackets during Katrina.
And she was single then.

- Well while Condi's doing that maybe another black woman can pick up the slack.

Some people seem to think that Beyonce can end the War On Terror.
There are worst ideas.

- Like getting a penis transplant.
This guy should have known that his wife wasn't going to be a big fan of his new penis.
It freaked her out and he had to have the first successful penis implant ever removed, meaning he has now lost two penises in one life. Tragic.
I'm waiting for the Nip/Tuck episode.

- The MTA wants to cut $20 million out of the budget of their already high-quality services.

You know, the high quality trains that break down an hour away from your house just after you've fallen asleep and the buses that comes so often that Jamaican women will shank you if you step on before them.

And they want to raise the fare in 2008?

If we all jump the turnstile at the same time they can't catch us all.
Just saying...


  1. broadway show? that's a new one. originally it was shoe shopping.

  2. Actually it was both of those and more.

    And Spike Lee's Katrina documentary also proved that in addition to those, she also played tennis with Monica Seles while Katrina was drowning everyone.

  3. See I knew she was hard up for some loving...there goes my play for pay idea.

  4. Norm Mcdonald was on the daily show talking about that dream couple. You can find it on youtube. He was like "I'm canadian and i know this McKay guy. he'll fuck anything."

    Also, this is amusing:

  5. Norm McDonald was the man back in the day.
    Gotta check for that Daily Show.

    And that dude who dove for the money is hood.