Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fox News Reporter Gets His Ass Beat

(Hot Damn!)

First Fox News had their reporters kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam and now they have reporters get flipped on-camera by immigrants.

I think its fair to say they're sending in their reporters to clash with groups they don't like in order to rile up their viewers.

It is an election year and all that.
Expect Iranians to jump Bill O'Reilly next.


  1. Yo, I peeped this shyt on the news the otha night...

    *standing there completely mortified*

    WTF!! But - on the other hand - it was kinda good witnessing the lost art of hand-to-hand combat..

    lol (?)

  2. G'damn! How stupid do ya have to be to start shit with cameras rolling? Its just like saying I was never kicked out of your home, bc she just said get out! LMAO

  3. People are too reliant on guns and knives.

    It says something special when you beat someone up with your own hands.

    Just not on camera.