Friday, September 15, 2006

Newer iPods... from Microsoft

Yesterday Microsoft answered Apple's announcement of the new iPods by dropping the Microsoft Zune (still an awful name) media player.

Peep it here,

Not bad.
It has a 3" screen compared to the iPod's 2.5" one.
It has a built-in FM tuner, which the iPod still doesn't have after 97 upgrades.
It also has wireless Internet that lets you share songs with other people.
That'll be good if these things ever become popular.

But they didn't announce the price or the battery life. Probably because they didn't expect the new 30 gig iPod to be only $250 and have the battery life it did.

If this is any good, Christmas is going to be on point this year.

The future is here son!
Between women rocking bionic arms and Microsoft opening up schools in Philadelphia it's clear that everything will different by the end of the decade.

If you have money that is...


  1. Wow! Christmas IS gonna be grand.

  2. Yeah right Microsoft will get pwned.

  3. MS will apply their own level of copy protection to anything on a zune, even if it is illegal to do so

    and it won't play music that you actually buy

    i don't know why you hate ipods, but this thing is a much bigger fiasco and its not even out yet.

    personally, i'll stick to my mp3 CD player.

  4. Microsoft has deep pockets.
    Don't sleep on them.

    I don't hate iPods.
    They look great.
    They just need to add a radio and a bigger screen.