Saturday, September 23, 2006

Teacher Teacher! The ATM Gave Me Too Much Money!

Everyone remembers the herb kid from J.H.S. who reminded the teacher about the homework right before the bell rang.
Well this is the adult version.

Peep this,

I mean seriously, if you got 4 times the money you should have from an ATM would you really say anything?
The "Good Samaritan" who ended the magic ATM giveaway has to be a bank employee, right?

But even bank employees probably want to take money from the bank since they see how much banks jerk people all day long.
I can't figure out who could have done this.

The ATM hack to do this is still online but the banks will close this shit so fast that it's not even worth linking to.
I'm sure some other "Good Samaritan" is taking it down as we speak.


  1. I'm glad you didn't make her snitch of the week. What is she doing...protecting the bank??? I bet she is probably well to do.

  2. Can't make her SOTW.

    That goes against the whole cause.

  3. good samaritan my ass. she's a moron, i dont' know her but i hate her.