Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New iPods = New Crack

I told y'all not to buy iPods for a minute because new shit was coming out soon and I'm sure Apple's sales crashed because of it...
Well the new shit came out and here's what they dropped,

1. A new 1GB iPod Shuffle that is retardedly small and cheap.
The good thing is that these are too small to find when you are getting robbed on the train.
The bad thing is that the person robbing you might get pissed when they can't find your iPod.

Only $80.
Not bad. A screen would be nice.

2. A new set of iPod Nanos with better battery life that will make you feel dumb if you just bought one.
$150 for 2GB
$200 for 4GB
$250 for 8 GB

Still can't play video.

3. An improved iPod Video with better battery life, a brighter screen and more games to waste your time with when you realize how bad your music collection is.

$250 for 30 GB.
$350 for 60 GB.

Not bad.

4. Finally iTunes 7.0 came out and it's on point. It makes Windows Media Player 11 look silly. They are selling movies so you can now buy overly protected new DVD releases for $13, get all your album artwork for free as well as buy overpriced $5 games for your iPod.
Overall they put out a lot of shit that makes it hard for a hater like myself. Good features, decent size and much better prices than they have ever put out before.
It's weird that the 8GB Nano and the 30 GB iPod are both $250. But the hard drive in the nano is better and more expensive so it makes sense.

A lot of people were expecting a new video iPod that would look like this but only prettied up Apple style to look like this.
When they drop that, I'll be in line.


  1. I been fighting it, but I might have to get one now...boots come first though.

  2. I guess its a good thing that I only paid 60 bucks for my 4G Nano, dont feel as retarded. I feel another shopping spree comin'

  3. Fight a bit longer.
    More shit from other companies will be announced by Christmas.

    - You can't beat $60 for a Nano unless you steal it.
    Good work.