Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tragedy + Time = Comedy?

Maybe it's too soon for this, but since I saw it you have to see it.

Damn homie.
The Internet don't waste time, even for Steven Irwin.

Shit, people are killing stingrays out of revenge so I guess someone was bound to do a spoof.


  1. Killing a StingRay is like hating Mike Tyson cause he beat someone down. It's what they do.

  2. AWWW that's just fucked up, in my opinion its a little too soon to be crackin' jokes about his untimely death, but it did make me want to play some old school Mario Bros.

  3. Too soon dog. I saw this on another web site and I passed it up there too. Now this will sound fucked up but I laughed when I heard about the black dude that punched his baby and killed it over an xbox game. I'm a twisted person, sorry.

  4. I heard about that Xbox shit.

    Women need to watch who they have children with.