Monday, April 10, 2006

Condi has feelings

(Play louder, I can still hear the news...)

The NY Times tried to humanize Condi Rice this weekend by highlighting her involvement with a chamber quartet and her love of classical music.
I really don't know what the point of a story like this, especially in the light of the Bush administrations pending implosion.

Granted, everyone has hobbies and passions, even soulless, kitten-stomping, blood-drinking, old lady-pushing, war-mongering government officials who fail at their jobs.

But reading about how she finds the time to practice once every two weeks with a group of people who don't mind the fact that she was watching Broadway shows and buying shoes in Manhattan while black people got a crash course in swimming in New Orleans wasn't the happy fluff piece it should have been.

If she was nearly half as dedicated to getting Bush to read the Daily Presidential Briefings titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the U.S." during any point in 2001 as she is to mastering Brahms Second Piano Concerto, which she vows to master in this life, there would probably two more large buildings in NYC than there are now.

Looking at her history, there is no doubt that she is a brilliant black woman who came up from the old 'Dirty South' to achieve godlike power rivaled only by that of Oprah.
But that just makes it all the more sad to see how she failed to stand with her fellow Negro comrade, Colin Powell, under the Bush Administration.

She did such a great job securing the nation as the National Security Advisor during her first four years that she was made the Secretary of State.

And it's clear how much America's standing in the world has risen now that she holds that position.
And now people want her to be President in 2008.

What does she have to do before someone realizes that she shouldn't hold a governmental office?

Shoot Yo Yo Ma in the face?

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