Friday, September 22, 2006

Apartheid Survivor: Episode 2 Hispanic Edition

Another Thursday, another episode of Apartheid Survivor.

Since the Negroes got the focus last week, this week is about the Hispanics.
Hispanics have one of the more odd racial stereotypes of all races because people knock them for being lazy and hardworking at the same time. It made no sense until this week.

Those two stereotypes went at it this week when the fat lazy metalhead, Billy pissed off his tribe, which is primarily lead by the athletic hard-working pretty boy.

Throughout the episode, Billy was chilling on what looked like a hammock, which I have no idea of how he got on a deserted island, while everyone was fishing, picking coconuts and other types of shit that help keep you stay alive on an island.

Besides saying he'd feel more comfortable with a tribe of metalheads, this fucker actually said, "I'd rather preserve my energy while they do all the work and eat what they bring."

The pretty boy leader suggested that they throw their challenge so that they could vote the fat guy off.
It's a pretty great idea that the women seemed to think was too mean or some nonsense.

Why would you feel sorry for a dude who admitted he doesn't want to work because he can just take the food out of your hands. This guy single-handedly set the Hispanic Immigrant Rights Movement back about 20 years.

So with the Hispanics deciding to throw the challenge it was really a three way competition.
And the Black team still lost.

The Asians and the Whites won the challenge at the same time so they both got a tarp to cover the rain or their sexual exploits, while the black team came in a distant third and got a hot load of nothing.

Two weeks and the Asians won both competitions. These fools are killing it right now. I need to examine my lineage for some Filipino DNA or something, because the black people in this game are making shit rough your average Negro.

They would have lost another member if the Hispanics weren't trying to set up Captain Gordo.

The funny thing about their effort to kick Gordo off the show was the fact that once Gordo realized he was being set up he worked harder to stay in the competition than he did the six days he was on the island.

Gordo was putting in OT trying to turn the women against the pretty boy and make the pretty boy out to be the bad guy for trying to get him kicked out.

And the greatest part of it all was when Gordo admitted that the only reason he worked so hard to stay on the show after doing nothing for the whole week was for the love of a white woman!

That shit came out of absolutely nowhere.
I love it.

Earlier one of the white girls told him that they felt sorry for him. He said "I'm next." She said, "Awww... WE love you."
He psychotically took that for love at first sight and said "I love you."

He said that was what made him try to stay in the game and not the million dollars.

He even scared off the women who started feeling sorry for him. They ended up voting him out.

All we need is for another white woman to get attacked by a minority on a foreign island...

Natalee Holloway was bad enough.


  1. yo, you are Hilarious and insightful at the same time. You kill it on these posts...all of them. peace pa. respect due.

  2. Yo, that sh!t was hilarious. I might have to start watching, just cause...I initially didn't want to, because I had a feeling those negroes would embarrass us all...But it seems like the all around tomfoolery/coonery might be irresistable.

  3. Glad y'all are enjoying these.

    This shit is definitely worth watching.
    People can't break the prison of race.

    It's a joy to watch.