Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tell 'em why you mad son!!!

There is no shortage of stupid shit to be upset with.
The kicker is that 99% of the time, stupid shit is preventable.


1) I'm mad because this woman only got 7 years in jail.
Vanessa Jackson, a shitty foster mother, starved the children in her care so badly that one of them gained 95 pounds and grew 15 inches taller in a 27 month period from ages 19-21 after he was out of her care.
The details of the case are just grimy, and of course there is a Reverend waiting to testify that the evil foster mother was a good person.
You gotta love the oblivious friend/neighbor...

2) I'm mad 'cause Kanye West thinks he should be in the Bible and he said that shit out loud.
Someone stop this fool before I see him in an alley.
It seems every few years someone comes along and reaffirms society's lowered expectations for blacks.
He says one half-assed, ineloquently mumbled "politcal" statement (remember the clip?) and all of a sudden we have a new Malcolm X on our hands.

The same shit happened a few years ago when Alicia Keys got discovered.
"Ohh, the little negro girl plays the piano!!! She likes Beethoven and Biggie. The depth, the layers!!!"

But Alicia Keys is a moron, and if you made the sad mistake of skimming through her poetry book as I did you can see she has the literary sophistication of a lovestruck 4th grader. Her terribly mediocre album made that a little more visible.

But the hype died down and she receded to the background. Hopefully Kanye's time to shine will expire around the same time as the Dubya Administration.

Jay! Why did you sign this fool?
Kanye West Sr., why didn't you jerk off?

3) I'm mad because Busta Rhymes is a bitch-ass motherfucker.

There are two takes on this issue.

Some say he's smart for not talking with the police about the shooting of his bodyguard and others agree with my take.

Whether Busta Rhymes has something to hide by not talking to the police or he is just trying to maintain the street code of ignorance, someone got shot guarding this fool. And if his bodyguard wasn't aware of the side dirt Busta Rhymes had going on, the Busta Rhymes set that dude up to be murdered.

Of course in my court of baseless speculation Tony Yayo is guilty as hell. I say that only because I don't like him and he seems to be the type of ignorant negro to do shoot up a video set.

This trend of black people responding to petty shit with gunshots seems to be a U.S. nigro epidemic.

Granted, Busta Rhymes hasn't been relevant since the release of his second album and his last album barely went Gold.
His career got stranded over at J records so he cut off his dreads, changed labels and got some rounds flying at his video shoot.

When his next album flops maybe he can go where the hip-hop dinosaurs go to die.

4) I'm mad because I'm not even mad that 900,000 of the 2.5 million applications for all forms of individual assistance after Hurricane Katrina were "potential duplicates."
AKA frauds.

With all the info being dropped about the White House knowing about the levee breaks the night of Katrina, Congressman jacking millions from Indian casinos and Halliburton feeding troops E. coli fortified water, why shouldn't some of the Katrina victims double file for some of the damn government dollars?

5. Finally, I'm mad because the NSA has a site for kids. Yes, the NSA has a website for kids.
Little Timmy is getting G-Man tips on how to hack into your computer.

6. I'm mad because Barbie got back together with Ken in time for V Day.
Girl, he ain't change. Can't you see?

Seriously though, did anyone know that Barbie had a story? And that she broke up with Ken and was dating someone else?
What the fuck?

Well with that in mind, Happy Sweetest Da... er Valentine's Day.


  1. That foster mother shit is completely unforgiveable. And how come it's always a pastor or some type of clergy that are protesting on behalf of the horrible people?

    And Busta is a bitch. As for your Yayo theory, I think it may have legs. There's a bit of a history of crappy fringe rappers going to jail for doing stupid shit like that C-Murder, Mystikal. I hesitate to put Shyne in that category cause I think he's better than the others.

  2. I gotta say, I would have liked to have seen more Busta coverage from you. This is a story made for the Start Snitching set.

  3. I was going to do more on the Busta thing, but there was so little information that I threw it in here with the rest.

    I may get motivated, spin it out and write more.

    I probably should.

  4. and i thought i was the only one not feling kanye lol

  5. While I would say that I fall into the Kanye fan side of the equation I do have to say that the latest album was a little too dependent on the beats and way weak on the lyrics. And the little throwaway lines like "i know the government administer AIDS..." kinda make him sound as crazy as his wanting to be in the bible.

  6. "Where the hip-hop dinosaurs go to die"- I really thought you were gonna link to Koch Records right there.