Sunday, February 19, 2006

Scrubs V. Pigeons: The Battle Continues...

I have kept the snitching gender-free thus far but this was a little too ridiculous to pass up.

The NY Times has an article about a site called Don't Date Him Girl that basically snitches on men who got caught doing their dirt. It is one of several sites that specialize in this brand of communal spot-blowing.
Women anonymously post pictures and names of the men they were burnt by as well as the details of their affairs.

Granted there are some sloppy guys out there who deserve to get put on blast for the dumbass ways they get caught, (although the women who get cheated on aren't exactly rocket scientists themselves)


"Andrea Wells of New York City heard about from a friend a few months ago and signed up. She knew just the guy to expose, a handsome, charming would-be rapper named Serge. The two met at a concert a year ago and dated for five months, she said. She went to his house just once and thought the place looked overly spare. There were few clothes in the closet, for example.

Their relationship ended abruptly when Serge's disconsolate wife sent Ms. Wells a message from Serge's BlackBerry, alerting her that Serge was married. Thinking back to her visit to his house, Ms. Wells realizes "he hid everything — wedding pictures, shampoo."

..butt a site like this can't exist with out a reply because everyone knows a few chicks out there living dangerously.

The woman in charge of the site claims to be starting up a companion site called but you can't trust a woman who started a website out of bitterness to give the opposite site the proper nurturing and hate it needs.

I propose men branch off on their own with,

It's like TLC and 1999 all over again.


  1. I wouldn't mind being put on blast if it gave my site more traffic.

    your boy MARION is about to start snitching

  2. Wow, that's pretty crazy.

    I browsed through New York and there's a guy on there who I went to high school with.

    When do the assassination of character lawsuits start?

  3. how 'bout:

  4. I just think it needs to be ""

    Ghostface already laced us with the blueprint.

  5. Haha.
    I'm going to register all these domains so they all link to the same site.

    The NYTimes article says there is already a lawsuit brewing.
    Some guy is angry he got caught is all.

    I don't even want to know if anyone I know is on there.