Tuesday, February 28, 2006

FYI: TV is Real

(Back like Tony!)

In light of the Sopranos return in less than 2 weeks, I thought it was about time to drop some knowledge as to why watching TV is more real than your local news.

Three Ohio men arrested for plotting attacks against U.S. soldiers and American interests prove that Sleeper Cell is real.

A prison riot between Blacks and Hispanics that slipped onto the streets of L.A. proves that The Shield is real.

And the ridiculously multifaceted and character heavy story reported by the NY Times about drugs being trafficked internationally through dying Indian reservations could easily serve as the fuel for a season of The Wire. (Which could fight for the spot of best show on TV.)

Not to mention that half the cast on the damn Sopranos have been arrested for the Mafia-type shit they do on the show anyway.

Although Season 5 of The Sopranos had some great episodes, it was the worst overall season of them all.

Yet for some reason I am eagerly anticipating this season.

That either means that David Chase either created some of the best television characters in the last decade or that deep down inside I am an abused Italian housewife.

I don't want to know the answer.


  1. Ha ha. Good post. Can't wait for Tony 'n nems return.

    Is it too late to get into The Wire? I've heard so many bomb things about it.

  2. The Wire is incredible.
    Season 1 starts off slowly, but there are few shows equal to the Wire.