Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Late Ass Grammy Update

(Mmm, mixed girls...)

I just saw the Grammy's and it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Granted, I watched it on my computer and was hopping ahead in 30 seconds interval past all the bullshit. Which means I hopped past most of the show.

Some quick observations...

  • In case you've never read my blog before, I hate Kanye West.
    While I don't like the now bloated dinosaur rock of U2, the fact that I was glad that they won over Kanye, shows how much I hate him. The collegiate marching band things was cute, but the college thing is getting old and so is Jaime Foxx's Ray Charles obsession.

  • Bruce Springsteen's performance was incredible. Vaguely politic, it was the only indication of social awareness in the whole show.
    Not that I wanted a whole show of whiny protest music, but it's good to know the only fight in the world didn't involve Gwen Stefani "behind the bleachers with no student teachers."

  • Modern country music really fucking sucks.

  • Rap artists need better taste in rock music. From a business point of view it is obvious why Jay-Z picked Linkin Park for his MTV mashup album. But from an aural point of view it was the worst thing he could've done. Linkin Park has the most redundant and droning melodies this side of Coldplay. The only hot part was when Paul McCartney came out and did the little pseudo-homage to The Grey Album by singing "Yesterday" while Jay-Z was clapping like a fool with his John Lennon shirt.
    Of course the Linkin Park guy defiled the whole thing.
    36 years after The Beatles breakup I am starting to like Paul McCartney. And what a testament to Jay-Z otherworldliness, that he is performing with Beatles while Cam'ron is tying Juelz Santana's shoelaces.

  • Modern pop artists should not interact with any artists or songs pre-1980.
    Christina Aguiliera should not sing with Herbie Hancock.
    Mary J. Blige shouldn't sing with U2.
    Ciara (who looked quite good) should not sing Sly and the Family Stone songs.
    Same applies to Fantasia and Joss Stone.

  • While Kanye West has a modicum of talent and makes decent music, the fact that The Black Eyed Peas wins award is a testament to the very failure of humanity.

  • Am I the only who thought that most of the old white people in the audience made more money off the rap albums nominated than most of the rappers?

  • Terrence Howard needs to chill for a minute. He's a good actor but he is so pervasive. I think I saw him in my shower.

  • The memoriam section always makes it seem like every musician worth a damn died this year. A Four Tops singer, Luthor, Lou Rawls, The Buena Vista Social Club dude, Robert Moog, The Chi-Lites singer, etc. Where was ODB's shout out?

  • How did The Arcade Fire, my favorite group of 2004, lose both of their awards. And why does shit like that still bother me?
Here's to another year of well-rewarded mediocre LCD music!


  1. thank you for once again pointing out the folly in Jay-Z'z collabo with Linkin Park. I don't think the angst-ridden teeny girl market is what Jay is aiming at, and the relentless screaming they do is just hurtful. I lament the decision, a Run-DMC/Aerosmith it certainly wasn't. It wasn't even the horrific collab between Meth and Limp Bizkit. Which was horrible in it's own way i.e. Fred Durst.

  2. I'm happy I missed the Grammys, if I would have seen U2 accept album on the year I would have killed myself.

  3. on terrance howard - ok he had to have it for "Crash" but why the hell is his hair still processed?! he's really starting to freak me out.

  4. Word on that hair, I tried to ignore it but the dude is getting scary.

    Maybe he's preparing for that Outkast movie he's in?

    The Jay-Z/Linkin Park idea was the worst, does Jay-Z want to sell to more white people?
    I dont get it.

  5. Sly looked the alien from Aliens. That whole segment was hard to watch.

    I agree, Paul singing Yesterday was good and better than his other performance.

    Christina Aguilera is a truly a strange mix with Herbie Hancock but damn if she didn't sing the hell out of that song. Plus Herbie is my boy. Saw him in concert here at PSU... fucking badass.

    Modern country music is pop music with a twang. It has the same writers. Yes, modern pop music sucks too.

    Who's The Arcade Fire? I'll have to check them out.

  6. Damn ODB was '04?
    I'm old.
    Hopefully they shouted him out in the 2006 Grammy's.

    The Sly Stone thing was weird and bad.
    Christina sings well technically but with Herbie?
    It hurts.

    Arcade is a Canadian indie band.
    Kind of bleak and they share a bit of the aesthetic of Smashing Pumpkins.
    Kinda... but better.
    They did a great song for the Six Feet Under final season and their debut album is on point.