Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Power of Self-Delusion

(Real Brazilian)

(Fake Brazilian)

Gather round folks, see it here in all of its horror.

Ray J's video may have been bad but this clip of Kevin Federline on MTV that is going around the Internets hits new levels of unspeakable.

Watch Kevin show his value as a human here.

If he isn't the prototypical guy at your college who always made you listen to his shitty beats, then I don't know who is.
This fool is really excited by this shit. He takes a Portuguese slang phrase, loops into for three minutes with some Lil Jon sirens and calls it a "song."

I actually kind of like Brazilian music, the old-school Stan Getz/Joao Gilberto shit to the more recent Rio Baile Funk (aka Miami Bass) which Federline's garbage is based on.

But I know I am not Brazilian.
Whereas K-Fed, ahem, thinks he is Brazilian and Black too (Peep his album description adjectives; "crazy," "down south," and "gutta.")

Indeed Kevin.

Brazilian culture has to be the most fetishized thing out there.
From the group Brazilian Girls, which contains no Brazilians or girls to the hordes of Brazilian-obsessed pr0n out there, Brazilians are getting culturally pimped right now.

Kevin, take the City of God DVD out.


  1. That dude's terrible. Those little moves and shit are what I do at home. alone. with the blinds shut. and the door locked. cause it's just too corny to ever let anybody see. Do you think he realizes he's a putz and is now just doing it cause he's gone too far to back out? Or he REALLY believes he's a crazy producer and is destined to work with Dre and spit fire like Biggie?

  2. I am pissed at you for using a still from C.O.G. before I got to use mine.


  3. -I was waiting to use anything from C.O.G.

    -That hand shit is played out.
    Does anyone else do that besides 90's nostaglic Rawkus backpackers?

  4. K Fed is makes me glad that i'm black, because surely he's an embarrassment to the white race!

    If it's true that imitation is the highest form of flattery then every black man in America should by flattered by K Fed's attempts to be down..

  5. Should black men be flattered or just embarrassed? I mean, it is flattering I guess, but it's just so damn bad.

    As for the hand thing, yeah, silly white kids from the burbs still do it. Myself included. Sadly.